What is spare time?

Hello all!

This past week and the upcoming one are going to both be so hectic for me. I recently got accepted to volunteer for the Anti. Violence Project on my campus, which is training every tuesday and thursday evenings (6-9) plus saturday and sunday (10-5) until November 3rd. I also still have shifts at that part time job I got not too long ago. Every moment that isn’t spent on either of these two things is spent working on one of the many essays or homework assignments.

Eventually things will settle down and I’ll be able to sleep again, but until then I imagine this cold is going to cling like a bloodsucking leech.

What The Next Week Looks Like:

Sunday: AVP & Work

Monday: Rhetorical Essay due (that hasn’t been started yet)

Tuesday: AVP

Wednesday: Homework

Thursday: AVP

Friday: Work

Saturday: AVP & Work

Sunday: AVP & Work

Yes, it’s crazy with lot’s of events overlapping. Wish me luck.


“If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium.”

My Comparative Politics professor said this to us on the first day of classes. He was talking about the fact that there is no one correct way to go about comparing things as far as political analysis. I came across this as I was studying my lecture notes for that class because today I had a midterm. As far as university goes it’s basically “If it’s October, it must be midterms”. 

I had my first last week and I had two back to back today (boy is my hand killing me from all the writing). My final one, and the one I’m most worried about, is next week. It’s for my political theory class where we’ve been talking about Orwell (1984), Plato, Hobbes and Rousseau. If my tutorial was anything to go by yesterday though, I’m not alone in feeling confused. Our prof insists that he wants us to have fun, but somehow I doubt it will be. 

Even though I’m not really fond of political theory I find it hard to dislike the class since our prof is pretty fantastic. I don’t think I’ll be taking much more if I can help it though – although I’ll have to take at least one other class, a 300 level one, as it’s a requirement for my diploma. 

I also have two essays due on November 4th (although one of them is just a draft essay) so I’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork and starting the new job. It’s just a retail job, but I actually really like it. My coworkers are nice and so are the customers – not to mention part of my job is straightening things which I love way too much. 

NaNoWriMo starts in 10 days too and even though I’ve got a basic plot I still have some planning to do.

As Dorothy might say: ‘Midterms and Essays and Planning. Oh My!’ 

– Kali


Morning Readers (if there are any of you),

Our job hunt was successful and we got jobs! We even somehow managed to get jobs together and both of us start this weekend (though different shifts)!

I know I am really excited for my first job ever not under my dad! (isn’t that just a little bit pathetic?)


The Job Hunt + The Book of Mormon


Today each of us gave out about 20 resumes around town, and really really hope we get jobs. We need them. Tuition and rent being our main expenses… oh, and food. This was an all day endeavour and we are both now very tired (considering that legally it is now the next day, you can imagine why) from our long day of walking, bus catching, and job application filling out.

Another wonderful thing we discovered a couple days ago, is the new broadway musical (well, fairly new), The Book of Mormon. We’d heard some of the songs already, but tonight we discovered the bootlegged production (minus one part that had already been removed). It. Was. Fantastic.

Anyways, that’s all for tonight! (Or technically this morning…)

-Kali & Rachel

Introduction to Us

There really isn’t much to say about us, we’re just two university girls who wanted to share our trials and queries with whoever wants to read them.

Our names are Rachel and Kali, and blogs can come from either or both of us.

This first post is hard for us, for neither of us are really all that comfortable with talking about ourselves, but we’ll give it a try. Here is some basic information that we think is critical:

  1. Kali is in Slytherin and Rachel is in Hufflepuff.
  2. We are both in our second year of studies.
  3. We both are active participants of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or Nano).
  4. One of us tends to over analyze and one of us tends to go with the flow.
  5. One of us likes yoga while the other suffers through.
  6. One of us frequents Ravelry while the other Free Jinger.
  7. We really should be studying right now…

~Rachel & Kali