What is spare time?

Hello all!

This past week and the upcoming one are going to both be so hectic for me. I recently got accepted to volunteer for the Anti. Violence Project on my campus, which is training every tuesday and thursday evenings (6-9) plus saturday and sunday (10-5) until November 3rd. I also still have shifts at that part time job I got not too long ago. Every moment that isn’t spent on either of these two things is spent working on one of the many essays or homework assignments.

Eventually things will settle down and I’ll be able to sleep again, but until then I imagine this cold is going to cling like a bloodsucking leech.

What The Next Week Looks Like:

Sunday: AVP & Work

Monday: Rhetorical Essay due (that hasn’t been started yet)

Tuesday: AVP

Wednesday: Homework

Thursday: AVP

Friday: Work

Saturday: AVP & Work

Sunday: AVP & Work

Yes, it’s crazy with lot’s of events overlapping. Wish me luck.



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