National Novel Writing Month: Writing 50,000 words in 30 days; it’s only 1,667 words a day! ❤

November has to be one of my favourite months, just because of National Novel Writing Month. I have spent countless hours talking to people about Nano and trying to recruit them (I might have recruited two in the past two days, so excited) and just as many hours with people either giving me the “You’re crazy” look or right out calling me crazy. To tell the truth, it’s my self care activity; some people do yoga or take a long bath, I write.

The pure joy I get out of developing this kernel of an idea that has been haunting me for a month, to watch my characters develop into really people with personalities and quirks is overwhelming sometimes. While I’m writing I’m happy, and anyone who tries to take that away form you I’m warning you now. It won’t work.

This year my father (who pays my tuition) has stated that I can not under any circumstances do Nano this year. My word count is 8,183. I am risking having to pay for my own tuition if he finds out, that’s what this is for. I will update my word count here and post any exclamations of happiness about my characters that may come up. I will also post all their refusals to do what I tell them to and when the writer’s block monster has come for tea.

If Nanorimo is now something you would be interested in doing or you just want more information about it, the link is here:

Please join us in our writing madness,



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