The Top 5 Things About November

November is a fabulous month, it might even be my favorite one. In no particular order the best things about November are:

Midterms are over now and the majority on my papers are written. I have one more to write for my English class and that’s it. Where October is brutal with schoolwork, November just slips by.

It’s NaNoWriMo. I’m ahead of the game, but Rachel is kicking my butt in the word count department. It’s only Day 2 though so we still have 28 days to go. Unfortunately we both had to work the night  of the kick off party for our region, but I managed to make it to a write in yesterday and I’m going to another one tomorrow. Even though it’s said that you have to give up your social life for NaNo, I think it’s my most social time of the year.

Reading Break. Days off of classes, although you’re still supposed to be doing work. Reading break is next week actually, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Including the weekend it may only be 5 days, but it’s a restive 5 days. Although I’m usually ready to go back on Monday.

Putting up the Christmas tree. I live in an apartment so we can’t have a real Christmas tree, but I love our fake one even better. I may not come with the pine smell, but it certainly lasts longer which means I can make my mom keep it up into late January. We need to buy a new one this year though which is weird since we’ve had the same one since I was born.

Tea and hot chocolate. I’m a sucker for warm drinks and it’s hit the time of year where I bring some kind of tea with me to school (currently I’m switching between Vanilla Rooibos and Moroccan Mint Green Tea) and cozy up with hot chocolate when I’m at home. In fact, I’m drinking some right now.

What about you (probably non existent) readers, do you like November? Do you hate it? Why?


– Kali


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