Week Two’d

Week two is infamous in november and it officially ends tomorrow. When someone is week two’d, it means they have hit a writing block. This term started out being just applied to week two, but now it is used by regular nanoers to express all kinds of writer’s block on any date (sometimes not even during nano). This term is something I quickly picked up and use quite frequently in any kind of writing that I do, be it for school, pleasure, or nano. I am very fond of the versatility of this term.

With that said, I have something to confess; I have been week two’d. And not just in Nanowrimo, but school as well. There is an annotated bibliography that I have to email to my professor by midnight tonight, and I have no idea how to start it. This being said, I am still reading the three articles I am going use for it, but that doesn’t change the loss of words I find myself in.

The reason I claim to be week two’d with my Nano novel is the apparent lack of words I have been able to produce every time I sit down to write. The past three or so days I have maybe averaged a word count of 400 words. If this is compared to my previous average of about 2,000 words a day, I feel the right to claim being week two’d. I don’t have writer’s block per say, but I am at a loss for words and what to do next. At this point I have to kill several hours of the character’s time before they can leave for the journey to the capital (which my main character is still not sure she’ll go to, which could potentially end my novel right then and there). The next couple of scenes also have a huge potential to be very awkward, which I have discovered I do not enjoy writing. This may be because I have found I feel the awkwardness with my character (which I guess is a good thing if you’re the reader, but not so good from my point of view). I am forced to trudge awkwardly through these couple of scenes until I am past them and can move on to more exciting parts of the novel, like dragons and finding her little sister. (There is no guarantee of the presence of dragons in this novel.)

On a happier and much less awkward note, I have received my last shipment of ThinkGeek products and am very happy with them. I now have no more money to spend on merchandise that makes me happy until possibly my next pay check (but I do still have to get groceries…)

I also have a fun fact today: blankets make good mug holders and they keep your beverage at a warmer temperature longer.

Have a very happy day and I hope you enjoyed reading my mini rant on being week two’d,



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