Type One

Reading Rachel`s post has got me thinking about school and myself as a student. Whereas she fell into the second category of her creation, I definitely fall into category one. Since I was 13 years old I knew I was going to one day go to university. Now that I`m in university I love it even more than I expected.

I love planning classes, scheduling timetables, buying textbooks, going to lectures and tutorials, and even (sometimes, depending on the topic) researching for papers. My friends are also the recipients of this eagerness. I love to help them pick out classes, schedule timetables and get textbooks as well. Usually they just roll their eyes at me and go along with it.

Over the past few days I`ve gotten to do all these things again. I spoke to the European Studies advisor on Friday and it went really well. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to join the program, I can`t do it. It`s just not financially feasible because of the mandatory European experience component. However, talking to my mother, I realized that I don`t like English enough to do a major in it. So, I`ve been rescheduling my second semester. I`m still taking my International Relations class (of course), but instead of the English courses I`m now taking Greek and Roman Mythology, History of the Modern Middle East, and a history course called- The Multiple Faiths of Europe: Contacts and Conflicts: Middle Ages to Present. It`s a dramatic change to my schedule and I`m so excited. Textbook lists go up on December 1st and I cant wait for that too.

That`s not to say there aren`t days when I don`t want to go to class. I have those just like everyone else, but the difference is that I still go and I`ve never regretted it yet.

As far as NaNoWriMo goes I`m still ahead, but just barely. This past week I`ve always been at least a couple of days ahead, but after today I will need to write to make sure I hit the word goal for the day. I`m hoping to get a little writing done tonight still though and I have a write in tomorrow morning that will hopefully give me a boost. It seems like my novel will be even longer than I was expecting though, which I`m not sure whether I am happy about or not. When all is said and done, just like I`m motivated for school, I`m also motivated to win NaNo. Also, I really want this years winners shirt (even though I don`t have one from the other years I`ve won (2009 & 2010)), but I can`t buy one if I don`t win!

I guess I`m a type one without a doubt. Maybe that`s why I`m a Slytherin. After all, you cant get to the top without at least a little bit of hard work, and, since I`m not a Malfoy, I`m going to have to work harder still.

– Kali


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