Winter Break

Wow, it’s certainly been a hectic week or so. All my exams are over now and I’m just awaiting results to come in. I’ve gotten my mark for my EU class and I got an A. I’m really happy about that. I even think my theory exam went alright, but I haven’t gotten my mark for that class yet. I’m expecting it any time now though.

My dress for the Yule Ball arrived from ModCloth. It’s really pretty and I’m so excited for Yule Ball now (not that I wasn’t before). I think I’m more excited for that than for Christmas oddly enough.

Fortunately for me Rachel’s aunt is letting us stay with her when we’re in Vancouver so that takes some of the cost out of the trip. Currently the plan is to go over on the Thursday and come home on the Friday, but if Rachel isn’t working it’s been suggested that we go over on the Wednesday and spend some time in the city. You certainly won’t hear me complaining, I love cities. Unfortunately my job ends after boxing day which means I’ll be on the job hunt… again. On the plus side though, that means I don’t have to worry about taking the time off for the ball.

I really do hate job hunting though so that’s going to be a pain. Plus it will be after Christmas so nobody will be hiring. I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. At least I’ll have plenty of time to study until I find a job (if I manage to).

It’s also weird to think that two weeks today (at this time actually) I’ll be sitting in a classroom as the first class of my second semester (International Relations) will just be starting. I’m really excited though. Plus, now that I’ve gotten all my student loan stuff sorted out I have a load off my shoulders.

Now I just need to finish buying Christmas presents and finish buying textbooks. I think with Christmas with Rachel and attending the Yule Ball this is going to be the best winter break ever!

– Kali


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