Let’s Have Tea

I’m a fairly low key person. If I’m not in class I’m usually studying – and usually at home. I mean, I’ve been going to club meetings this semester, but I’m not exactly a go out and have fun kind of person (as probably anyone who knows me could tell you). My idea of a good night is a good book, or, if I’m feeling social, going over to Rachel’s and just sitting around listening to wizard rock and talking.

The one exception to this is tea. Yes, tea is still low key, but it’s something that I will leave my house and socialize with other people because of. Tea, for me at least, is a fairly new phenomenon. I only really started drinking it a few years back, and even then it was really only peppermint tea and it was a solo activity. But, tea has become not just something to drink, but something to do. Some people go out for coffee and have a coffee klatch, but I get together for tea – can you have a tea klatch?

It started last semester with a couple of friends who would meet for tea every week. I started joining them. Tea doesn’t always necessarily involve actually having tea, although it often does, but it’s just a social get together where we sit and talk. We almost inevitably get fairly loud as we talk about everything from Doctor Who to Tumblr to classes, but it’s still what I consider low key.

Tea has lately expanded into a study session before tea which is both useful and fun. It’s not what you would usually think of when you think of a study session since we’re all in different classes and so we’re not really studying together per se, but it is a good time to actually get my work done… well most of the time anyway.

Yesterday tea took on a new dimension. Ashley (my friend who is starting the writing club) texted me asking me to go do something with her. To be honest I probably would have declined and stayed home, but Rachel had already declined and so I would have felt bad since all I would have been doing was studying.

So we went down to Silk Road (a tea store downtown) and took part in a tea tasting that was going on. The woman explained how the Chinese tea ceremony worked to us which I found interesting although I think Ashley already knew everything (at least she enjoyed the tea). We wandered a round for a bit and then Ashley suggested going to a tea place she likes called Special Teas (I love the play on words!).

The place was great. It was small and cozy and smelled of tea. Ashley and I were the only customers and we settled down with a tea called Dark Chocolate and sat and talked for hours. We actually stayed until they closed talking about everything and anything (but mostly school). The woman who ran the place had to tell us they were closing or I’m sure we would have stayed for hours more.

After going out for tea was fun and fairly reasonably priced actually. It was $4 for a pot for two. We each got about 2.5 cups out of it and it lasted us hours. What can I say, next time I’m downtown with friends and we’re at a loss for something to do I’ll probably suggest having tea.

– Kali

Perhaps a Double Major

I know we’ve been over the fact that I’m a bit university crazy before, and, since it’s almost the end of January it’s time for me to rethink my degree. Granted, last year I waited until February (maybe even early March), but since this is really my last chance to change anything if I want to graduate within the timeframe I’m planning on I guess I figured I’d get thinking early.

I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while – since I decided to drop the English double major in fact. To be honest I’m not really sure why I ever thought I should do an English major. Sure, some of the classes look really interesting, but I’ve found that I’ve always liked English better in theory than in practice. I love to read, and that’s probably why I don’t like English classes. I like to read books that interest me for fun, and not to analyze them to death. I convinced myself that by taking English I would get to read real books, not textbooks, but all it did was change real books into textbooks – it took all the fun out of reading.

So, as you know, I dropped the English major and redesigned my second semester. Now I’m in second semester and my classes are just… random. I thought I would be okay with that since they are all topics I’m interested in. My classes are interesting, that’s true, but I feel like I’m drifting. To a lot of people that sounds nice, after all, drifting is relaxing, but I’ve always been bad at relaxing. I need to be working towards something, towards a goal. It didn’t bother me as much last year – my classes last year were really random for the most part. I don’t know if that’s because it was first year, or because I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do along with Political Science, but I did not feel this annoying feeling of being without a goal. I didn’t feel that way last semester either with my 3 Political Science classes and 1 English, but I feel that way now.

I’m going to stick this semester out obviously, but I know I can’t do it again. It saps my motivation in my classes to know that they’re not going anywhere. So, with this in mind I’ve been reconsidering my options for a minor. I knew I didn’t want to just jump into something new so I went and looked back at the classes I’d already taken to see how I felt about those things. English has already been ruled out of course so I thought about my other classes and came to 3 different options: History, Religious Studies, and Women’s Studies.

History seems like the obvious option. It is the option I have the most credits in. After this semester I would only need one more lower level History class and then I could jump into the upper level stuff. Also, I would have one upper level class (History 388) under my belt. I pondered this for a long time, but ended up ruling it out. According to my History 388 prof, a lot of upper level history is dedicated to historiography, and I’m finding that I don’t really enjoy that very much.

I’ve only taken one Religious Studies course. I did well in it and I enjoyed it. I enjoy studying religion in my free time (hello Free Jinger), but it would be quite a bit of catching up.

Women’s Studies was my third option. Like Religious Studies I’ve only taken one Women’s Studies course and would have to do quite a bit of catching up. Unlike Religious Studies I have two friends in Women’s Studies – both majors students (Rachel and another friend of ours).

I decided on a Religious Studies minor (as I mentioned in my last post). Women’s Studies is great, and it would be fun to take classes with Rachel and our friend, but I’m more interested in Religious Studies. However, I’m still me, and looking at the requirements for a Religious Studies minor (and the list of classes I could choose from) made me want to turn it into a major. So, a Political Science and Religious Studies double major it is. I’ll have to do some catching up (I’ll need to take Religious Studies 200B. I took 200A last year) and another 200 level course of my choice (from a list they give you). It’s 2 from the list, but fortunately the Greek and Roman Studies class I’m taking right now counts for one of them. Also, I think my Inter-Religious History (History 388) course might be able to be counted as one of the upper level courses – though I’m far from positive.

It will be a tight fit. Counting up my classes I’ll only have 2 classes left after fulfilling the requirements for both majors, but I’ll still be able to graduate in the timeframe I had planned (barring any major disaster of course). However, I’m feeling more focused and determined then I have since this semester started which is a good sign.

Now I just need to start harassing the two departments about classes being offered next year.

– Kali

New Adventures – Friday

This past weekend was an amazingly fun weekend. My friend from home came up on Friday for her birthday and originally it was just going to be a quiet weekend with the two of us. That is until we had a drink at dinner. Now, my friend is a very light weight drinker and half of a caesar had her well on the way to drunk. Now, I wasn’t completely sober having drank a good part of her caesar and my own spatini, and this led to the decision to go to the liquor store after our late dinner and get drunk. At this point it was still just going to be the two of us. When we got to the liquor store we might have gotten a little carried away with our purchasing for two people (we bought an appleton’s rum, a red wine (750ml), and a rose wine(1.5L)). Neither of us realized that it would be way too much booze until we got back to my place and put it all out on the table. By this time it was around 10. This was also when we decided that we couldn’t drink it all on my own and I sent text messages out to everyone asking if they wanted to come over for a spontaneous party. But sadly, because it was soo late, only one friend was able to come over that night and that’s because she was within walking distance. Oh Victoria and it’s friday night buses being the same as any other weekday.

That wasn’t really a very eventful night, very subdued and a fair amount of lounging (for me, lounging on my friend) and talking. The next night, though, was another story.


Co-Prezzie Kali

I’m sure you all remember how I said that I have that bad habit of signing up for clubs and then not going through with actually being a member. I’m sure you also remember that I said I was going to try a lot harder this semester to actually go to meetings.

Well, last night I had my second Circle K meeting. I even managed to drag Rachel since she had signed up too. She’s actually pulling a bit of a Kali this semester. She signed up for a bunch of things – juggling, ballroom dance, Circle K, etc, but isn’t really going to any of the meetings. I can’t really say anything though since, well, I call it pulling a Kali for a reason.

Anyways, at the meeting they needed to nominate a new executive for next year. They needed a whole new executive (Co-Presidents (aka Co-Prezzies), Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and told us that if they didn’t get a new executive the club would die. One of the current Co-Prezzies drew a pig on the board and called it Circle K, and told us that if we didn’t step up the pig would die.

People were slow, but stepping up, but they could only get one person to step up to be President. They admitted that they could have a single President, but that it would be a lot more work for that person and a lot more work for the Vice President. For some reason my hand found its way into the air. So, apparently, I’m going to be trained to be one of the new Co-Prezzies. I guess that’s one way to step up and guarantee my club involvement, but it’s certainly not what I expected when I signed up.

I’ve also got my first Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) meeting today. I’m really excited, it’s been far too long since I’ve been involved with the Tibet cause and I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until I rededicated myself. I’m going to let the radio station, networking, and blood drive clubs slide though. With training to be Co-Prezzie of Circle K, throwing myself back into SFT, and being a kind of unofficial aide to the Writing Club Vice President, not to mention still looking for a job and juggling my classes, I think my hands are going to be full enough.

Mom says she thinks I’m going to go off the deep end and join the Peace Corps, but I keep reminding her that as a Canadian citizen, I can’t. However, it’s probably best that I keep the future Co-Prezzie of a freelance volunteer organization under wraps. Yeah, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

In other news, I’m considering doing a Religious Studies minor. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to. She probably doesn’t need to know that either. Now I just need an actual paying job (because as mom keeps reminding me, volunteering doesn’t pay) and the craziness that is my life will be complete.

Okay, maybe I’m a bit nuts.

– Kali

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

When we first started this blog Rachel wanted to try and keep our location a secret. I do my fair share of reading blogs though and realized that as this is a blog about our lives it would be next to impossible. I’m pretty sure we lasted until I broke the silence when I started talking about the Vancouver Yule Ball. Obviously we’re in Victoria, BC and students at the University of Victoria (UVic).

I bring this up because today we got snow. In a lot of places that wouldn’t be a big deal, but we don’t get snow very often here, and when we do no one quite knows what to do. Almost all of the schools immediately shut down (the universities and colleges take longer, and UVic never technically shuts down) and every news personality tells any Victorians who can to stay home.

Two of my three classes were cancelled today, but my inter-religious history course was still on. I think about 12 people showed up which is about 1/3 of the class. After class I decided to capture some pictures of campus. I only got a couple because, well, it’s cold out there. I’m definitely not made to be a snow dwelling person. I love how it looks, but I wore about 4 layers today and was still cold.

Without further ado, some pictures of UVic in the snow.

Clearihue Courtyard


This is the Clearihue Courtyard. Clearihue is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It’s also where I have the majority of my classes. I don’t mind Clearihue, but it isn’t one of the warmer buildings. In the center is a courtyard and that’s where this picture was taken.



Social Science and Mathematics (SSM). I’m not much a fan of the math, but this

My Favorite Building

is by far my favorite building on campus. Fortunately, as a political science student we fall under Social Science so I’ve gotten to spend quite a bit of time here.  One thing about UVic is that we don’t really have a building that screams university to me. I’m sure you know the ones I mean, the ones that look stately, regal and make you think of learning as serious business. We do have quite a new modern type buildings though (like SSM) and I like those too (even if they aren’t classically beautiful).





Someone Made a Snowman!



This was taken in the courtyard of SSM. I promise all our buildings don’t have courtyards – in fact, these might be the only two. Someone made a bunch of snowmen (snowpeople?) and I had to get a picture of at least one of them. As soon as I saw this one I knew this was the one I wanted for the blog – mostly because I have no idea how it got up there! Somehow someone got it above the door into the B wing of SSM. Does anyone have any idea how it could have gotten up there? Because I certainly don’t.




Where does it lead...


When I saw this I just knew I needed to capture it on film. Apparently I’m still a child because it reminds me of Narnia for some reason. The path actually goes to our University Club. That sounds really exciting, but in reality it’s just a place where professors and alumni (I believe) can relax. I was in there once for a political science career night and it was just as cozy as the setting would make you think. It’s scenes like this one that make me actually see what people mean when they say that Victoria is one of the prettiest cities in Canada.



The Library


I don’t really know why we have a partial moat outside out library, but for some reason we do. Getting this picture was actually a bit of a pain because the snow was still high powdery and you have to go down a series steps to get down to it, but I wanted to get a picture of the water all iced over.  I usually forget the water is there, but I noticed it when I was walking to the bus and decided I wanted that picture.The glass corner on the left is part of the library. I promise it looks more impressive than it is in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I love the library, but it’s really not as pretty as it looks in this picture.



This post ended up being a lot wordier than I expected. Originally I was just going to post the pictures, but then I realized they needed some sort of explanation and now we have one wordy post about snow. It probably won’t last long, and by tomorrow most of it will probably be grey-brown mush (unless we get some more over night), but while it’s here the snow really brightens up my day.

In other news, I went to my first Circle K meeting and my volunteer orientation for the radio station. I skipped the networking/internship group though. Next Tuesday is the first meeting for Students for a Free Tibet and I’m still waiting on Ashley and the writing club. I think I’m doing a lot better at actually going to things this semester, I can only hope it holds up. I was also released to start applying for co-op jobs this summer as of Monday so I’ll keep you updated on that front. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

– Kali

How Minutes Can Become Hours

Last week we had our school clubs days. It’s done every semester and I always enjoy it. I’m not sure why since it’s almost always the same clubs, but for some reason I always seem to find something new. I do have a bad habit when it comes to clubs days though, I tend to sign up for things and then not follow through. My first semester it was because my classes just didn’t allow me to participate in the things I wanted to, but after that I really have no excuse. I wasn’t even really intending to go to clubs days this semester, but my friend Ashley has started a writing club and since I was kind of helping her out with it I figured I would go hang out with her for a bit (and sign up of course).

Wednesday wasn’t a huge deal. I went for a little bit and talked to my friend in the Equestrian Club and ran into an old acquaintance of mine who runs the Students for a Free Tibet.

Back when I was in high school I was involved with a group called Youth Combating Intolerance (YCI) and it was through being involved with YCI that I first had the whole Tibet thing explained to me. I was a fairly vocal supporter of it in high school and went out to a bunch of marches and vigils, but even though I signed up with the Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) last year in university I didn’t go out to anything. So I re-signed the list and was told that the woman who had gotten me involved with the whole Tibet thing in the first place was going to be out for a bit that day. Unfortunately she was going to be leaving when I got out of my last class, but after my last class I decided to go see if she was still there. She was, much to my happiness. I ended up talking to her for a bit (easy to do when other people I knew in high school kept coming to say hi) and she said she would be back the next day, but not until 1 o’clock.

Now, on Thursday I only had class until 10 o’clock. Usually I would have just gone home, but I wanted to see Ashley for a bit and she was going to be at the writing table at 11:30. So I decided to stick around with her for a while. Soon she and my friend Emily and another of their classmates were all there and time was flying. They all had class at 2:30 though so they would have to leave.

Just after 1 o’clock I looked over to the SFT table and there was the woman from the day before. Well, I went over to say hello, telling Ashley I would be back in ten minutes. That proved to be untrue. In fact, I ended up staying until wrap up. The acquaintance of mine who runs the club had class so he gave me the keys to their cupboard and I ended up sitting behind the table for a couple of hours. What was supposed to be 10 minutes, somehow became 4.5 hours. Yeah.

It was a lot of fun though. The woman I was sitting with used to be a teacher so ex-students of hers kept coming to talk with us, and when strangers would want to know about Tibet she would start talking and suddenly it would be at least 20 minutes later. I actually met some really neat people – there was a girl who is involved with Occupy Victoria who had actually been on the front of a local paper that day, a guy who had actually been to Tibet, a young Chinese woman who is a member of the Falun Gong (another persecuted group in China), and many, many others.

Clubs Days went by as a success, but certainly not the way I planned. Oh, and that propensity I have for signing up for clubs, well it’s still going. I signed up for writing (of course), re-signed for SFT, a volunteer club called Circle K, to do volunteering for the school radio station, volunteering with the school blood drives, and a networking and internship group. The likelihood I will do these things:

– Writing Club (100%)

– SFT (100% – I would be hunted down if I didn’t, and besides, I support the cause)

– Circle K (90%)

– Radio station (80%?)

– Blood Drives (70%?)

– networking & internship (20%)

Only time will tell of course, but I’d like to hope that I’ll actually do what I signed up for this time. I also got to be very disappointed because there was a group with signs all about politics in the Middle East which I’m super interested in… then I realized they were the Jewish Students Association, and I’m not Jewish. Sigh. Well, I probably didn’t need any more clubs anyway.

– Kali

The First Full Week

Yesterday was the last day of school for the first full week, and the week went by way too quickly. Or rather, the amount of time that still remains is shrinking in an impossibly quick manner that is leaving my head reeling. Some major assignments are fast coming up, and my usually relaxed internal panic button is starting to go off. Quite frequently and loudly, and all because I haven’t met with my partner yet (the presentation is on the 18th). I will be doing that this evening, though, so hopefully my panic button will relax a little. I can hope, can’t I?

So far all my classes are really exciting, all four of them, and I am really looking forward to spending a little more time learning. For one of my classes, we just finished covering the medicalization of childbirth and how screwed up it’s become. I found it fascinating and recommend not ever letting the hospital (they’re the only one’s who can) give out Petocin. Petocin is a contraction enhancer meant to speed up the birthing process. What it really does is make the contractions so intense, painful, and long that an epidural is needed. Since an epidural is a numbing agent, more Petocin is required and it becomes this drawn out cycle that more often then not leads to an emergency c-section. If I continue with this I will rant for a while, so I will do another post about this later on.

Another of my courses, a HSD 460 Healthy Sexuality, I find really intriguing. Our professor is absolutely wonderful in making sure that what could be awkward, is completely comfortable. I can’t wait until Monday for my next class. The class has about 200 students in it, and the professor pointed out last class that Sex is something a lot of people are interested in. If anyone is in the UVic area, I highly recommend this course, even if all you do is use it to further your sexual experience; as an elective it is totally worth it.

My Decal! XD Isn't it cute?

On another note, the Doctor Who decals I ordered from Etsy.com. I can’t wait until my mug is clean and I can put my TARDIS logo where it belongs. XD There are so many things that I want from Esty that are Doctor Who related (or not) and sometimes I wish I had more money (okay, well, I always wish that) so that I could buy more things. There is a wall decal that is 4′ tall and I want it soo badly, maybe I can ask for it for my birthday.. Hmm…

At least I got to use Christmas money to finish buying all the Doctor Who Seasons (new series)! It makes me happy to be able to watch them whenever I want to without exposing my computer to malware and viruses on the internet (not that I’ve been infected, thankfully). Doctor Who makes me very happy. If you hadn’t already noticed, it is my main fandom. 🙂

Speaking of Doctor Who and everything I love about it (which is almost everything) I would like to share with all those other Whovians out there Trock by Alex Carpenter!

Now, I’m off to eat some food as my stomach has become very insistent and demanding!

Have a good day everyone!