Vancouver, what fun you were.

Okay, just let me get this out of the way, and then I won’t mention it again: SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW! ❤


On the night of December 28th, I slept over at Kali’s place after a long day (which, to be honest, I don’t remember why it was long, I had to do something…) because we had an early morning and Kali didn’t trust me to get up in time. I have a tendency of hitting the snooze button until I have barely enough time to scrap together the minimums of what I’ll need before dashing out in order to not be late. A bad habit, I know, but tell that to my sleepy brain. Might I add that this brain is also good at ignoring me? There was adventure involved with getting to Kali’s house, despite the fact that we live close together, and it came in the form of her door. Or that fact that no one was answering her door. I rang several times, accompanied with numerous text messages, with absolutely no reply from Kali’s end. As it turned out, when some phones are plugged in to charge, they don’t vibrate. When said phone is on just vibrate, nothing happens. I was able to get in when some people left (a miracle at 11pm at night) and then get into her place (even knocking on that door did nothing to rouse her from the sleep she’d fallen into). Kali finally woke up when I crawled into the bed. I was just glad that I didn’t have to walk back home that late at night with all my luggage for the trip.

Now, let me just say, I had a lot of fun on this trip and found it to be an absolutely amazing time. Even if I did have to get up so early (7:25am). We took two busses to get out to ferry, and I even enjoyed those, a true sign of my excitement for the trip. Some very common words for Kali and I to say were: “Guess what!” “What?” “WE’RE GOING TO YULE BALL!” and I’m pretty sure the people surrounding us were soon tired of hearing us.

We made the 9am ferry and I was nervous when we pulled up that we wouldn’t actually make it in time (the line for tickets was outside the door) but those self-check out tills got us through in under 10mins. Apparently everyone in the long line wanted to talk to a person or check a bag, thankfully. My aunt picked us up from the ferry and after feeding us some delicious soup at her house, kindly drove us to metrotown where we spent all the time we could going through the hundreds of shops. The only ones to take our money, though, were the Disney store and Build-A-Bear. One store almost took some of mine, in exchange for a large huggable, squeezable, adorable pikachu but it was about $10 too much. It made me sad.

Our flat bears: Luna and Teddy Lupin

Since I saw my first Build-A-Bear store, when I was so young I don’t remember my exact age, I have wanted to build a bear, but never been able to. I am going to say this right now and get it done with: I love teddy bears. I love cuddling them, holding them, naming them, and yes, dressing them. This past thursday, December 29th, I was finally able to build a bear. After some debate, we chose the bears we wanted (a matching set with gloriously soft fur) and got into the long lineup. We quickly decided against buying any clothes for the bears (which were almost as expensive as a bear itself) and decided that we would just make any clothing we wanted for them. Well, I wold make the clothing because Kali has a self declared inability to sew. It was probably advantageous for more than our wallets since we were already pushing the time for when we had to leave to get ready for Yule Ball. It had been decided, though, that we would not leave without our bears. So, we stood there in the line and watched the slow progress. There were about 6 bears in front of us, and it took about 30mins to get to the front of the line and to finally be able to stuff our bears. It was fascinating watching our bears being filled with the stuffing that was kept in the big round tumbler in the centre (also along the right side wall) of the store while we stepped on the large peddle.

Luna being stuffed.

There was a step in the fairly simple process (a process that still had us confused at first) that I was pleased to learn about: every teddy bear built at a Build-A-Bear has a heart inside of it.  All of the hearts were the same see and shape, but the pattern and colour varied. The one I chose was a simple plain red satin heart that came included with the price of the bear (already nearing $20) even though the profits (or partial profits, depending) of the other hearts went to charities.

To make sure our bears had strong hearts, we had to hold them in our cupped hands and rub them while jumping 7 times in place. To ensure our bears had strong lungs, needed to breathe several slow deep breaths onto the hearts. To make sure our bears had stamina, we needed to dance crazily in place (which we gleefully did). And finally, to ensure our bears were strong we needed to flex some muscles. All this while holding the hearts and rubbing them to keep them warm.


Aw, they're holding our wands for us! Wait, how did they get them...

Once we had our bears finished, we hurried over to the ‘bathing’ station and gave our bears a ‘bath’ a quick brush before heading to the till. We skipped the creation of the birth certificate in order to save time (my aunt (LOVE YOU) was already waiting in the car for us). With our bears (and for me, Disney store purchases) in hand, we raced (as fast as we could) to the car and headed to my aunt’s place. The first thing we did upon returning to the house, was have a mini-photo shoot for our bears. Aren’t they adorable? —->

These photos apear to be the last of the non-Yule Ball related photos… guess we forgot to take some more in all the excitement of the rest of the trip.

Getting ready for the Yule Ball was fun, but theYule Ball it’s self was a blast, though I was annoyed at and disappointed with the lack of Wrock (even from the DJ). My highlight of the Yule Ball was definitely when “Dumbledore” By Alex Carpenter was played and everyone created this huge conga line that high-fived each other when passing, as well as had Snape dancing along.

The Day After

The day after Yule Ball brought my first time on Vancouver Public Transit as well as the SkyTrain. I LOVE the SkyTrain. That whole day was an adventure. We headed down to Metrotown again and almost completely ignored my aunt’s directions on ho to get there by bus and went with what Kali’s amazing app told us to do (it seemed so much simpler, and was). After Metrotown (and the purchasing of shirts in the amazing Disney store) we headed downtown to find the store with the giant Gummy Bears and Worms. It took us quite a bit of walking (and getting off the SkyTrain early, walking in the wrong direction, twice, the liberal use of Kali’s app, and google) to find the store where we then proceeded to buy candy. Lots of candy (for me, anyways). I tried to mostly get candies that I couldn’t get somewhere else or hadn’t seen in a long time. Such as Giant Gummy Bears on a Stick, and pop rock lollipops, and some british/european chocolate/candy bars. By the end of this, though, we were both done and started the journey to the ferry. One SkyTrain, a long wait, and a bus later we were at the terminal and waiting for the ferry ride home on one of the new ferry’s that they have. It was close to 11pm when we finally made it back to our places and I proceeded to drop into my bed after checking if my fanfictions had updated.

It was an amazing trip and a definite (unless we both find ourselves absolutely broke) for next year and many years to come.


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