The First Full Week

Yesterday was the last day of school for the first full week, and the week went by way too quickly. Or rather, the amount of time that still remains is shrinking in an impossibly quick manner that is leaving my head reeling. Some major assignments are fast coming up, and my usually relaxed internal panic button is starting to go off. Quite frequently and loudly, and all because I haven’t met with my partner yet (the presentation is on the 18th). I will be doing that this evening, though, so hopefully my panic button will relax a little. I can hope, can’t I?

So far all my classes are really exciting, all four of them, and I am really looking forward to spending a little more time learning. For one of my classes, we just finished covering the medicalization of childbirth and how screwed up it’s become. I found it fascinating and recommend not ever letting the hospital (they’re the only one’s who can) give out Petocin. Petocin is a contraction enhancer meant to speed up the birthing process. What it really does is make the contractions so intense, painful, and long that an epidural is needed. Since an epidural is a numbing agent, more Petocin is required and it becomes this drawn out cycle that more often then not leads to an emergency c-section. If I continue with this I will rant for a while, so I will do another post about this later on.

Another of my courses, a HSD 460 Healthy Sexuality, I find really intriguing. Our professor is absolutely wonderful in making sure that what could be awkward, is completely comfortable. I can’t wait until Monday for my next class. The class has about 200 students in it, and the professor pointed out last class that Sex is something a lot of people are interested in. If anyone is in the UVic area, I highly recommend this course, even if all you do is use it to further your sexual experience; as an elective it is totally worth it.

My Decal! XD Isn't it cute?

On another note, the Doctor Who decals I ordered from I can’t wait until my mug is clean and I can put my TARDIS logo where it belongs. XD There are so many things that I want from Esty that are Doctor Who related (or not) and sometimes I wish I had more money (okay, well, I always wish that) so that I could buy more things. There is a wall decal that is 4′ tall and I want it soo badly, maybe I can ask for it for my birthday.. Hmm…

At least I got to use Christmas money to finish buying all the Doctor Who Seasons (new series)! It makes me happy to be able to watch them whenever I want to without exposing my computer to malware and viruses on the internet (not that I’ve been infected, thankfully). Doctor Who makes me very happy. If you hadn’t already noticed, it is my main fandom. 🙂

Speaking of Doctor Who and everything I love about it (which is almost everything) I would like to share with all those other Whovians out there Trock by Alex Carpenter!

Now, I’m off to eat some food as my stomach has become very insistent and demanding!

Have a good day everyone!


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