How Minutes Can Become Hours

Last week we had our school clubs days. It’s done every semester and I always enjoy it. I’m not sure why since it’s almost always the same clubs, but for some reason I always seem to find something new. I do have a bad habit when it comes to clubs days though, I tend to sign up for things and then not follow through. My first semester it was because my classes just didn’t allow me to participate in the things I wanted to, but after that I really have no excuse. I wasn’t even really intending to go to clubs days this semester, but my friend Ashley has started a writing club and since I was kind of helping her out with it I figured I would go hang out with her for a bit (and sign up of course).

Wednesday wasn’t a huge deal. I went for a little bit and talked to my friend in the Equestrian Club and ran into an old acquaintance of mine who runs the Students for a Free Tibet.

Back when I was in high school I was involved with a group called Youth Combating Intolerance (YCI) and it was through being involved with YCI that I first had the whole Tibet thing explained to me. I was a fairly vocal supporter of it in high school and went out to a bunch of marches and vigils, but even though I signed up with the Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) last year in university I didn’t go out to anything. So I re-signed the list and was told that the woman who had gotten me involved with the whole Tibet thing in the first place was going to be out for a bit that day. Unfortunately she was going to be leaving when I got out of my last class, but after my last class I decided to go see if she was still there. She was, much to my happiness. I ended up talking to her for a bit (easy to do when other people I knew in high school kept coming to say hi) and she said she would be back the next day, but not until 1 o’clock.

Now, on Thursday I only had class until 10 o’clock. Usually I would have just gone home, but I wanted to see Ashley for a bit and she was going to be at the writing table at 11:30. So I decided to stick around with her for a while. Soon she and my friend Emily and another of their classmates were all there and time was flying. They all had class at 2:30 though so they would have to leave.

Just after 1 o’clock I looked over to the SFT table and there was the woman from the day before. Well, I went over to say hello, telling Ashley I would be back in ten minutes. That proved to be untrue. In fact, I ended up staying until wrap up. The acquaintance of mine who runs the club had class so he gave me the keys to their cupboard and I ended up sitting behind the table for a couple of hours. What was supposed to be 10 minutes, somehow became 4.5 hours. Yeah.

It was a lot of fun though. The woman I was sitting with used to be a teacher so ex-students of hers kept coming to talk with us, and when strangers would want to know about Tibet she would start talking and suddenly it would be at least 20 minutes later. I actually met some really neat people – there was a girl who is involved with Occupy Victoria who had actually been on the front of a local paper that day, a guy who had actually been to Tibet, a young Chinese woman who is a member of the Falun Gong (another persecuted group in China), and many, many others.

Clubs Days went by as a success, but certainly not the way I planned. Oh, and that propensity I have for signing up for clubs, well it’s still going. I signed up for writing (of course), re-signed for SFT, a volunteer club called Circle K, to do volunteering for the school radio station, volunteering with the school blood drives, and a networking and internship group. The likelihood I will do these things:

– Writing Club (100%)

– SFT (100% – I would be hunted down if I didn’t, and besides, I support the cause)

– Circle K (90%)

– Radio station (80%?)

– Blood Drives (70%?)

– networking & internship (20%)

Only time will tell of course, but I’d like to hope that I’ll actually do what I signed up for this time. I also got to be very disappointed because there was a group with signs all about politics in the Middle East which I’m super interested in… then I realized they were the Jewish Students Association, and I’m not Jewish. Sigh. Well, I probably didn’t need any more clubs anyway.

– Kali


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