New Adventures – Friday

This past weekend was an amazingly fun weekend. My friend from home came up on Friday for her birthday and originally it was just going to be a quiet weekend with the two of us. That is until we had a drink at dinner. Now, my friend is a very light weight drinker and half of a caesar had her well on the way to drunk. Now, I wasn’t completely sober having drank a good part of her caesar and my own spatini, and this led to the decision to go to the liquor store after our late dinner and get drunk. At this point it was still just going to be the two of us. When we got to the liquor store we might have gotten a little carried away with our purchasing for two people (we bought an appleton’s rum, a red wine (750ml), and a rose wine(1.5L)). Neither of us realized that it would be way too much booze until we got back to my place and put it all out on the table. By this time it was around 10. This was also when we decided that we couldn’t drink it all on my own and I sent text messages out to everyone asking if they wanted to come over for a spontaneous party. But sadly, because it was soo late, only one friend was able to come over that night and that’s because she was within walking distance. Oh Victoria and it’s friday night buses being the same as any other weekday.

That wasn’t really a very eventful night, very subdued and a fair amount of lounging (for me, lounging on my friend) and talking. The next night, though, was another story.



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