Perhaps a Double Major

I know we’ve been over the fact that I’m a bit university crazy before, and, since it’s almost the end of January it’s time for me to rethink my degree. Granted, last year I waited until February (maybe even early March), but since this is really my last chance to change anything if I want to graduate within the timeframe I’m planning on I guess I figured I’d get thinking early.

I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while – since I decided to drop the English double major in fact. To be honest I’m not really sure why I ever thought I should do an English major. Sure, some of the classes look really interesting, but I’ve found that I’ve always liked English better in theory than in practice. I love to read, and that’s probably why I don’t like English classes. I like to read books that interest me for fun, and not to analyze them to death. I convinced myself that by taking English I would get to read real books, not textbooks, but all it did was change real books into textbooks – it took all the fun out of reading.

So, as you know, I dropped the English major and redesigned my second semester. Now I’m in second semester and my classes are just… random. I thought I would be okay with that since they are all topics I’m interested in. My classes are interesting, that’s true, but I feel like I’m drifting. To a lot of people that sounds nice, after all, drifting is relaxing, but I’ve always been bad at relaxing. I need to be working towards something, towards a goal. It didn’t bother me as much last year – my classes last year were really random for the most part. I don’t know if that’s because it was first year, or because I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do along with Political Science, but I did not feel this annoying feeling of being without a goal. I didn’t feel that way last semester either with my 3 Political Science classes and 1 English, but I feel that way now.

I’m going to stick this semester out obviously, but I know I can’t do it again. It saps my motivation in my classes to know that they’re not going anywhere. So, with this in mind I’ve been reconsidering my options for a minor. I knew I didn’t want to just jump into something new so I went and looked back at the classes I’d already taken to see how I felt about those things. English has already been ruled out of course so I thought about my other classes and came to 3 different options: History, Religious Studies, and Women’s Studies.

History seems like the obvious option. It is the option I have the most credits in. After this semester I would only need one more lower level History class and then I could jump into the upper level stuff. Also, I would have one upper level class (History 388) under my belt. I pondered this for a long time, but ended up ruling it out. According to my History 388 prof, a lot of upper level history is dedicated to historiography, and I’m finding that I don’t really enjoy that very much.

I’ve only taken one Religious Studies course. I did well in it and I enjoyed it. I enjoy studying religion in my free time (hello Free Jinger), but it would be quite a bit of catching up.

Women’s Studies was my third option. Like Religious Studies I’ve only taken one Women’s Studies course and would have to do quite a bit of catching up. Unlike Religious Studies I have two friends in Women’s Studies – both majors students (Rachel and another friend of ours).

I decided on a Religious Studies minor (as I mentioned in my last post). Women’s Studies is great, and it would be fun to take classes with Rachel and our friend, but I’m more interested in Religious Studies. However, I’m still me, and looking at the requirements for a Religious Studies minor (and the list of classes I could choose from) made me want to turn it into a major. So, a Political Science and Religious Studies double major it is. I’ll have to do some catching up (I’ll need to take Religious Studies 200B. I took 200A last year) and another 200 level course of my choice (from a list they give you). It’s 2 from the list, but fortunately the Greek and Roman Studies class I’m taking right now counts for one of them. Also, I think my Inter-Religious History (History 388) course might be able to be counted as one of the upper level courses – though I’m far from positive.

It will be a tight fit. Counting up my classes I’ll only have 2 classes left after fulfilling the requirements for both majors, but I’ll still be able to graduate in the timeframe I had planned (barring any major disaster of course). However, I’m feeling more focused and determined then I have since this semester started which is a good sign.

Now I just need to start harassing the two departments about classes being offered next year.

– Kali


One thought on “Perhaps a Double Major

  1. I need to start harassing for the course listings for next year too! If you want to get a WS minor, I can help! 😀
    I’m in the same spot considering History and all that, but we can do it! As long as we stick together, we can get through this. 🙂

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