Let’s Have Tea

I’m a fairly low key person. If I’m not in class I’m usually studying – and usually at home. I mean, I’ve been going to club meetings this semester, but I’m not exactly a go out and have fun kind of person (as probably anyone who knows me could tell you). My idea of a good night is a good book, or, if I’m feeling social, going over to Rachel’s and just sitting around listening to wizard rock and talking.

The one exception to this is tea. Yes, tea is still low key, but it’s something that I will leave my house and socialize with other people because of. Tea, for me at least, is a fairly new phenomenon. I only really started drinking it a few years back, and even then it was really only peppermint tea and it was a solo activity. But, tea has become not just something to drink, but something to do. Some people go out for coffee and have a coffee klatch, but I get together for tea – can you have a tea klatch?

It started last semester with a couple of friends who would meet for tea every week. I started joining them. Tea doesn’t always necessarily involve actually having tea, although it often does, but it’s just a social get together where we sit and talk. We almost inevitably get fairly loud as we talk about everything from Doctor Who to Tumblr to classes, but it’s still what I consider low key.

Tea has lately expanded into a study session before tea which is both useful and fun. It’s not what you would usually think of when you think of a study session since we’re all in different classes and so we’re not really studying together per se, but it is a good time to actually get my work done… well most of the time anyway.

Yesterday tea took on a new dimension. Ashley (my friend who is starting the writing club) texted me asking me to go do something with her. To be honest I probably would have declined and stayed home, but Rachel had already declined and so I would have felt bad since all I would have been doing was studying.

So we went down to Silk Road (a tea store downtown) and took part in a tea tasting that was going on. The woman explained how the Chinese tea ceremony worked to us which I found interesting although I think Ashley already knew everything (at least she enjoyed the tea). We wandered a round for a bit and then Ashley suggested going to a tea place she likes called Special Teas (I love the play on words!).

The place was great. It was small and cozy and smelled of tea. Ashley and I were the only customers and we settled down with a tea called Dark Chocolate and sat and talked for hours. We actually stayed until they closed talking about everything and anything (but mostly school). The woman who ran the place had to tell us they were closing or I’m sure we would have stayed for hours more.

After going out for tea was fun and fairly reasonably priced actually. It was $4 for a pot for two. We each got about 2.5 cups out of it and it lasted us hours. What can I say, next time I’m downtown with friends and we’re at a loss for something to do I’ll probably suggest having tea.

– Kali


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