Button, oh Button

Yesterday at the Students for a Free Tibet meeting we had a button making party. None of us had ever made buttons before and we were excited because, well, who doesn’t like buttons? The machine seemed pretty complicated, but once reading the instructions we figured it out. Fortunately only 4 of us were there though since there was only one machine and any more people would not have had anything to do.

One girl worked the machine, two people cut out the designs, and I was in charge of quality control. We made a lot of buttons, but there were also a few buttons that just didn’t work. They had to be added to the button graveyard that seemed to be accumulating in a bag under the machine.

All in all though it was a lot of fun – and now I have more buttons!

My New Buttons

These are the buttons I took. The story behind the blank one is that we wanted to do a tester to make sure we had it all figured out, and there were a bunch of blank pieces of paper that were perfect button making size. We used them and this was the result – I’m calling it my Doctor Who themed button. It’s psychic paper – yeah, because I’m so cool.

We also have a vigil to go to this afternoon. It’s from 3:00-6:30. I’m definitely going to go for a bit, but probably not for all 3.5 hours – I really need to get writing my historiography paper. I’ve done all the research, now I just have to do the actual writing. We also discovered that UVic’s Student Union Building (SUB) has a second floor which none of us knew. It’s not that big, but it’s actually pretty cool.

Some of Our Buttons

Also, points if you get the reference in the post title.

– Kali


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