Lesson Learned: Less Food Dye

Now, if it hasn’t been obvious, we’re not exactly classic party people. If first year had gone a little differently Rachel probably could have been, after all she likes dancing and has seemingly endless energy. Kali, on the other hand, was never meant to be a party person as she has no coordination (hence she doesn’t dance) and doesn’t really like large crowds. So, if Rachel had befriended someone different her life could be completely different. As it stands though we did go to a party on Thursday night – a Doctor Who themed party.

It was our friend Aaron’s birthday, and since he likes Doctor Who, and so do most of us, we decided that would be the theme of the night. Rachel even promised to make TARDIS cookies.

Rachel brought the ingredients for the cookies to make them at the party. Unfortunately she hadn’t made sugar cookies since she was 6 so she wasn’t quite sure what she was doing. She did know that it needed more food dye – a decision she would come to regret. She kept adding food dye until the whole bottle she had just bought was all gone. The color was amazing – it was really quite close to TARDIS blue, but unfortunately although it looked good it apparently didn’t taste so good. Neither of us tried it, but the girls who did were… less than impressed. They were also left with blue mouths.

Mixing Up the Batter... This is probably where Rachel should have stopped adding food colouring.

Even though the cookies were a bust there was still cake. And it had a TARDIS too. Luckily none of us tried to make it so it actually tasted good.


After cake we adjourned to the living room. Our hostess got a bit worked up because her landlord reprimanded her because we were too loud. We tried to keep it down after that, but she was still nervous – and with good reason too, a few of the guests didn’t have a whole lot of volume control so we had to keep shushing them.

Rachel and one of the guests (I’ll call him The Entertainer) noticed a game of Scrabble and decided to play. 4 people played – The Entertainer, Rachel, Stephanie (The Hostess), and Aaron (The Birthday Boy) – all of whom had had alcohol. It started off with the word Ralth (which was apparently supposed to be Ralph), and didn’t get that much better. I do think most of the other words were real words though, and if nothing else it was pretty hilarious to watch. Now that I think about it they should have tried to make it Doctor Who Scrabble. That might have been too difficult at that point though…

We ended up ordering some pizza and Kali left soon after that with a few of the girls who had to get going. Rachel stayed a bit later though and they actually ended up watching an episode of Doctor Who. They watched the first episode of the reboot (“Rose”) because The Entertainer had never seen any new Who – only the older stuff.

Despite the food dye mishap it was still a whole lot of fun. And we had three sonic screwdrivers, a TARDIS, and a Dalek in one room and the world didn’t end.

– Rachel & Kali


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