Reading Break: Never as Productive you Hope

Every Reading Break I say I’m going to be productive. I make lists and plans and schedules, but then, inevitably, I’m never as productive as I plan to be. During the Reading Break in first semester I generally get all of nothing done since it’s so short that I usually end up procrastinating through the whole thing, but second semester we actually get a whole week and so I plan.

I did get some stuff done, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. I wanted to:

  • Get caught up in the reading for my classes (CHECK)
  • Figure out my topic and find some sources for my International Relations class (CHECK)
  • Talk to the Religious Studies advisor (CHECK)
  • Write two cover letters for co-op jobs
  • Figure out my paper topic for my Inter-religious History class

So, I got about half of the stuff I planned to do done. To be fair, it’s better than I usually do, but it’s still annoying. Now I have to finish both those cover letters today or tomorrow at the latest, and I still need to figure out a topic for my history class. I spent way too much time fangirling over the trailer for The Hunger Games (yes, yet another fandom of mine) movie and posting to/reading Free Jinger.

Oh well. In better news though, I got a B+ on my History of the Modern Middle East midterm – considering I had thought it went terribly it was a pleasant surprise.

At least I got something done I suppose.

– Kali


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