This is Why I Shouldn’t Have Friends

Don’t get me wrong I like having friends – I’m not so anti-social that I want to be a complete loner my entire life. However, with friends comes guilt. It’s totally not their fault, they’re not the ones guilt tripping me, but I always feel like I should be taking them up on their offers to come sit with them or hang out with them. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I am in university and we don’t exactly get a whole lot of work done when we’re together. So I’ve been really social lately, but suddenly everything has snuck up on me pushing my stress level through the roof.

I have an International Relations midterm on Friday, the Free Tibet march on Saturday, I’ve got to finish reading Egypt: A Short History for our history discussion next week, I’ve got a paper proposal due for my inter-religious history class next week that I haven’t even figured out a topic for, I’m also going to help feed the homeless for Circle K next Tuesday, and my International Relations paper is due the week after that.

I have no idea how I’m going to do it all and maintain my sanity. Last year I would have just gone into hyper-hybernation mode, but if I did that now I would feel guilty for abandoning my friends. I guess I could try to put together some sort of plan – which will have to include going to Dr. W’s office hours… AGAIN. I have a maybe idea for that class, but I’m worried that it will be either A) too poli-ish for a history class, or B) wouldn’t be long enough. I’ll figure it all out somehow I’m sure – I always do.

On the plus side though, we made more buttons at our SFT meeting yesterday. And I was able to plan Rachel’s schedule for next year (not my own though since none of my classes have been announced yet). Also, I guess at least I have friends even if they are sucking up all my time. Every cloud has a silver lining as they say – I’ll be only too happy when I finish all this work though.

Hope you’re all having a good leap year,

– Kali


2 thoughts on “This is Why I Shouldn’t Have Friends

  1. Aaron says:

    i’m sorry, i didn’t realize I was having such an impact on your academic performance… at least i’ll be gone from friday- sunday, so no need to feel guilty!

    and please don’t. if you don’t show up, the greater chance *I* will probably get bored enough to study…

  2. It’s okay, don’t feel guilty! *hugs* I get into that hibernation habit too whenever it gets down to crunch time. You’re not abandoning us at all; you’re wanting to focus on your school work–there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we have to turn away from social life to get things done, especially with university. I fully understand if you want to take some time to be alone and work, and I will respect that. 🙂 If you do want company but still want to work, I’m happy to be quiet and work with you too, so no worries~ ❤

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