Summer Registration

Hello more followers than I ever thought we’d have! How is everyone today?

It’s that time of year again, the time for summer course registration, and for once I’m actually taking a couple courses. Mostly, this is because if I don’t won’t graduate within the time I want. I just finished registering for the two courses, and as a couple of my friends could attest for, I was fairly bouncing with excitement as the minutes ticked by to when I could register.

The sad part comes when I go to register. One of the courses I wanted to take I got into easily (History of the Second World War) but I didn’t get into the other course I wanted (History of Sexuality), I ended up 15th on the waitlist. My other friend, who got to register before me, ended up 14th on the wait list and emailed the professor. According to her, the professor is trying to get a larger classroom so she can take everyone. I really hope she gets a larger room, I want to take this course. XD

That’s my little excited rant about summer courses! Enjoy!


Where did I go? What did I do? I know.

So, I had originally planned to have a post about why I was going away for a week, and I even started the post too, it just never got finished. I am going to attempt to summarize why I left in this post. But I’m not going to summarize what I did. 😛

It all started on a cold day in 2003 (I think) when my dad and I were watching TV. There was a commercial on the local channel about Job’s Daughters and my dad mentioned that his sister was a Past Honoured Queen of the local bethel. This got me interested and I asked him some more about it. Then we got in contact with the local bethel and before I knew I was being initiated into the Bethel. I don’t remember a lot about being initiated, but I do remember that there was another girl there with me and her mother was also a Past Honoured Queen of the bethel. I never saw her again.

This was the story of the start of my Job’s Daughters career, which even at this time in my life isn’t over. I was nominated and elected into the line at the end of  June 2007. I was voted up the line for the next two  years, taking four stations until I reached the station of Honoured Queen in June 2009, this was also my Grade 12 year and that was a busy term. I became a Past Honoured Queen of Bethel #29 Campbell River in January 2010 and spent the rest of the term in a station on the floor (not going up the line, duh right?). Then Jobies kind of faded from my life for a little while as I moved to Victoria and started attending university. That changed this summer, though, when I went back home. I was almost 20 and this year would be my last to participate in the Miss British Columbia Job’s Daughters Pageant, so I decided to go for it. Now I am the Grand (or Composite) Bethel Senior Custodian (basically I help set up and take down the Grand Bethel room). Being a part of the Composite Bethel is the only part of Job’s Daughters where you can participate as a daughter but can be over 20.

International Order of Job's Daughters Logo

International Order of Job's Daughters Logo

Now for a brief history and rant on what Job’s Daughters is:

Job’s Daughters is an organization for young women between the ages of 10-20. It teaches leadership, organizational skills, confidence, speaking in front of a crowd, memorization skills, poise, and social skills. It’s a family for all members and a place where young women can go to be themselves and have fun amongst others. It’s founded on the Story of Job, found in the bible with emphasis on the 14th Chapter 15th Verse “In all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren.” It does not mean fair as in beautiful, but fair as in kind.

I have gotten a lot from Job’s Daughters, and every time I go I learn more and create more happy memories. Job’s Daughters is something I will never regret joining and recommend to any young woman interested.

More to come on my week away,

May the odds be EVER in your favor

Yes, this is the obligatory Hunger Games post. So, obviously, spoilers ahead.

I went to see The Hunger Games movie yesterday with two friends. I had picked my ticket up on Tuesday and waiting the rest of the week out was terrible (possibly more so for the people around me who had to deal with giddy Kali). I would have seen it at midnight, but because the buses don’t run that late and I don’t drive, going to midnight is a bit of a hassle. If Rachel had been in town I would have dragged her and since she drives it would have been perfect, but since she’s out of town I decided that midnight would have to be a no-go.

Not going to midnight has its positives and its negatives. I love the atmosphere of midnight releases – everyone is a big fan and everyone is just as excited as I am which is a major plus. However, unless you have the time to wait in line from early in the day, it’s a lot harder to get good seats. Plus, you’re super tired the next day. Even though it seems that the negatives outweigh the positives though, I will definitely go to midnight next time if I can manage it.

I had heard that Suzanne Collins (the author of The Hunger Games books) had had a hand in writing the screenplay (which turned out to be true) and that was a good sign as far as keeping the movie in line with the books themselves. It also probably helped that I didn’t reread right before the movie release because then I didn’t nitpick every little detail that was off.

The movie was really, really good in my opinion. I know some people have found the beginning a little slow and I can see why, but the action really picks up once the tributes enter the arena. The avox storyline was cut which I found kind of sad, but I can also see why they did it. Although it does make me wonder what will happen with Pollux in Mockingjay.

Rue. Since I had already read the books I knew what her fate was to be. When I caught my first glimpse of her my breath caught – Amandla Stenberg played her perfectly in my opinion. I really wish they had given us a little more of her though – I especially would have liked the scene where Katniss and Rue teamed up and they had a conversation about their lives back in their respective Districts. However, I still loved Rue, and when she died and Katniss covered her with flowers before giving the District 12 sign of kissing the three middle fingers and raising them to the air was especially heart-wrenching. And then watching the Citizens of 11 do it as well. I do wish they hadn’t shown the rioting in 11 though – as we’re not technically supposed to know about the riots until Catching Fire.

Since The Hunger Games is told from the point of view of Katniss this necessarily meant that the movie would lose some of that depth that you get from being in her head. It was expected, but I still think they handled it well. I particularly liked that we got some of the inside view of the gamemakers which we could not have gotten in the book. I also think they portrayed the Capitol perfectly. I think my friend described it best as part circus, part Comic-Con.

I wish they hadn’t cut the scenes of Peeta and Katniss in the cave so short though. I also wish they had shown that Katniss got sleeping medicine from a sponsor to put Peeta out so she could go get him the medicine from the Cornucopia. I think it added something to the story that him just falling asleep didn’t. On the topic of Peeta’s leg – they let him keep it. I suppose it wasn’t a super huge plot-point, but I think it really showed that even the victors of the games were still losers (a point that is further driven home in later books, especially by Finnick).

I know this seems like I had a lot of problems with the movie, but to be honest I didn’t really. The acting was amazing – everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to the unnamed extras was spot on. And (not that I know much about the sound or film stuff), but it was all done amazingly. The tension was just right and the actual filming, scenery, etc was gorgeous. It wasn’t perfect, but I never expected it to be. I still can’t wait to see it again with Rachel next week, and I really want a Mockingjay pin even though Ashley would probably have a fit (she hates The Hunger Games a LOT). I already can’t wait for the release of Catching Fire, but I’m going to have to.

This is the cup I got at the theater for an extra 50 cents. Thanks Stephanie!

I’m really glad I’m too old to be in the Hunger Games because I know I’d be dead on day one. I’d run as fast as I could away from the Cornucopia and still be one of the first to die.

Happy Hunger Games Everyone!

– Kali

The Name Game


I’m Kali the Kangaroo.


That’s not the name game I’m talking about (which is really too bad since I used to be really good at that game at camp). I’ve been thinking about names lately. How names reflect who we are, and can say something about who we want to be. Kali is not the name on my birth certificate and has only been my name since I was 15. It’s been about 5 years since I changed it and while I would never go back to my legal name (which I’m not going to state since I despise it) I’m finding Kali somewhat lacking in describing me as I want to be known.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Kali, but it just isn’t sitting right with me nowadays. That doesn’t seem like a big deal,  but considering it took me three years to convince my mom to call me by it because she thought the name change was just a phase it’s not something I can just change on a whim. Not unless I want to be accused of it being a phase again anyway.

When I changed my name the first time I didn’t really think it through to be honest. The reasons behind it were thought out (I hated and had always hated my legal name), but the new name wasn’t thought out at all. In fact I asked my friends for suggestions and then let them vote on my three favorites (Kali, Mackenzie, and Ariana). Kali was my favorite of those three so I eventually just made an executive decision, but I realize now I shouldn’t have been so hasty. I made the decision to change it one day and 24 hours later I was going by Kali. I put more thought than that into naming my characters.

I’ve had issues with it in the past of course – do I really want to share a name with a goddess of destruction (even if I am a Slytherin)? Kali also doesn’t sound that professional, and considering my ideal goal is to be a lawyer my name should probably be a bit more professional. Also, I just don’t feel like Kali suits me – did it when I was in high school? Maybe, but I’m not sure. All I’m really sure about is that I like it a whole lot more than my legal name.

My name is not legally changed, but I do want to change it one day. Do I really want to change it to something I’m not entirely happy with? No, not really. At the same time though I’m not sure what else I would go by – and changing it again would probably vindicate my mother. I guess I could start small – figure out a new name first, maybe use it in some of my classes next year, and I probably shouldn’t force everyone around me to use it this time. I don’t mind Kali after all – so if my  family and current friends continued using it, it wouldn’t be a huge deal.

Or I could just stick with Kali. It may not be perfect, but I’ve put years into that name and I don’t want to be seen as wishy-washy. No matter what I decide, it’s still Kali right now. What’s in a name? As someone who has changed her name once I say that a lot is wrapped up in a name. It’s true that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, just as I am the same person whether my name is Kali or something entirely different.

– Kali

Also, I’m going to the Hunger Games on Saturday!

A Week Without Rachel

Rachel has gone away for the week. She’s gone home (up island) and then she’s going to be in a beauty pageant (although she says it’s not) for Job’s Daughters. I’m not going to go too much into it because I don’t know too many details about it, but I do know it means that Rachel has deserted me for the first time since summer vacation. I guess this isn’t so bad as it would have been last year, I mean I have more friends to keep me occupied this year and we’re not quite as attached as we were at this time last year, but it still sucks.

Even though Rachel annoys me by reading fanfiction instead of doing her homework and makes me worry that she’s going to get kicked out of school she’s still easily my best friend, and not having your best friend around for a week is not a whole lot of fun. Fortunately I don’t really have time to mope since I’ve got an in-class essay in my Greek and Roman Mythology class on Friday to study for. And, if nothing else I can watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (my newest obsession). Plus, I’ve been harassing some of the departments and can do a bunch of class planning for next year (which I love).

In some ways it will be a relief not to have to bug her to do her homework (not that she ever listens to me anyway), but I’ll still miss her. I still can’t believe she’s taking an entire week off of school – she would have to miss Wednesday-Friday for the pageant, but she just took today and tomorrow off because she could. She says she’s going to study for the pageant, but, well… her track record speaks for itself.

Also on the plus side THE HUNGER GAMES! I’m going to see the movie this weekend and I’m so excited. Then I’m going to go see it again next week when Rachel comes back – fortunately my Scene card has enough points for two free movies.

I’ll definitely miss Rachel, but I’ve got to look on the bright side… since she’s gone, I get to see The Hunger Games twice!

– Kali

What Do We Want? A Free Tibet!

Although March 10th is the official day for protests in favor of Tibet we in Victoria had our march on the third. The one in Vancouver happened yesterday (on the official day), but ours was super fun. I even got to carry a bright yellow sign. About 60 of us showed up and we walked down government street and then there were speeches at the Legislature.

Picking Up Signs and Flags

Starting to Gather Up

The Runners of Compassion Coming In

Part of the Group Gathered at the Legislature

It was a beautiful day at the Legislature. A nice change from the previous week

Look, a short post for once. It was a week late though. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

– Kali

Off to the Vintage Fair

We’ve certainly been bad bloggers lately. We can’t really offer up any excuses except that we’ve both been really busy lately. However, we did manage to get out to a local vintage fair last Friday. It was a kind of spur of the moment decision. Our friend Ashley wanted to go, and we both thought it sounded interesting so we hopped on a bus to go. Entry was only $3, and considering how many things in Victoria are cheap (nothing, especially in the winter) we could hardly pass it up.

Look! Shoes!

At first we thought it was small, but it turns out there were multiple rooms, including one pretty big one downstairs. As an extra plus, David’s Tea was out there giving out samples and since all three of us are tea-lovers it was awesome. Rachel and Ashley were thrilled when they found the shoe rack, and Rachel even bought a pair of purple heels. Rachel figured she needed new heels for her pageant dress anyway, and they were cheaper than if she had bought them in a real store. Kali likes shoes, but well, she’s broke and not a huge fan of heels.

We all got to talking and Ashley shared that 20 years is vintage. Kali is vintage – how freaky is that? Admittedly though, she prefers vintage to old. There were little smurf toys, and other things that we remembered from our childhoods at the vintage fair – there’s also things from our childhood in the museum. We’re pretty sure we’re too young to be in the museum.

We had these in my elementary school... not cool.

A tad ridiculous (and more than a tad heavy).

Rachel also found this cute, blue velvet dress. It was $45 so she decided not to get it, but she couldn’t get it out of her mind so she decided to go try it on. Unfortunately, when she went back to try it on someone had already bought it. That’s the problem with vintage items, they’re rare, and if they’re gone, they’re gone. However, she decided to try on a few of the other dresses just for fun. One was this pink, beaded, ridiculous dress, but she decided to try it on anyway. There was a long gold one that looked nice, but Kali kept cracking Cleopatra jokes.

It looked cute on the hanger?

Walk Like an Egyptian

The vintage fair was followed by going out for waffles (Ashley is a sucker for waffles). Kali didn’t get the work done she had hoped to, but she still had a lot of fun.Any other vintage fans out there?

Button, O' Button - Vintage Buttons that Is

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

– Rachel & Kali


It must be said that I’m a pretty bad Canadian. I think my mom put it best when she said that I had “a Canadian passport, but an American soul”. I prefer the Star Spangled Banner to O Canada, and I think putting Canadian in front of anything makes it at least 80% worse. Canadian History (boring), Canadian Literature (YUCK), Canadian Politics (a total snoozefest).

It’s not surprising then that I love following American politics. It’s a whole lot more interesting, and a whole lot more horrifying too (they can just bring the crazy in a way we Canadians haven’t yet come close to). Thanks to my following of American politics I stumbled across this great short story written by a fellow blogger.

It is titled ILU-486 and she summarizes the story as follows:

In the not-so-distant future of Virginia, the Personhood Act has outlawed abortion and chemical birth control. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though.

Isn’t that chilling? I highly recommend you go read the story – it doesn’t take much time and it’s an amazing (if terrifying) read. Here’s a link:


If you haven’t read it yet what are you waiting for? Go read it. I promise you won’t regret it. I just wish I could get myself one of those shirts (not to mention all proceeds go to support Planned Parenthood). I hate being a broke student.

Caution: Politics Ahead

What’s really scary is how far right-wing the Republican candidates are this time around. I saw a picture the other day that was captioned: “I miss the days of Sarah Palin being the scariest Republican candidate in history” and I think that really captures it. Sen. Santorum is especially terrifying – my friends wonder why I’m so interested in American politics and fundamentalist Christians and people like Sen. Rick Santorum is why.

To tie this into the story above, Sen. Santorum has said “One of the things I [Sen. Santorum] will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is, I think, the dangers of contraception in this country.” (New York Times: February 29th – “Romney Sets Off Furor on Contraception Bill”).

Electing someone who believes that the availability of birth control has had negative moral and social impacts on America is the way of bringing about the reality of ILU-486. I don’t know about you, but even as a Canadian I don’t want that to be the reality of modern America. The fact that people have even been voting for him to get the Republican nomination – especially that WOMEN have voted for him – makes me cringe.

I’ll be keeping an eye on American politics just as I always have – even though I can’t change them, I can still be aware of what’s going on. Can you say the same?

– Kali

PS: If you still haven’t read ILU-486 here’s the link again: ILU-486.