Off to the Vintage Fair

We’ve certainly been bad bloggers lately. We can’t really offer up any excuses except that we’ve both been really busy lately. However, we did manage to get out to a local vintage fair last Friday. It was a kind of spur of the moment decision. Our friend Ashley wanted to go, and we both thought it sounded interesting so we hopped on a bus to go. Entry was only $3, and considering how many things in Victoria are cheap (nothing, especially in the winter) we could hardly pass it up.

Look! Shoes!

At first we thought it was small, but it turns out there were multiple rooms, including one pretty big one downstairs. As an extra plus, David’s Tea was out there giving out samples and since all three of us are tea-lovers it was awesome. Rachel and Ashley were thrilled when they found the shoe rack, and Rachel even bought a pair of purple heels. Rachel figured she needed new heels for her pageant dress anyway, and they were cheaper than if she had bought them in a real store. Kali likes shoes, but well, she’s broke and not a huge fan of heels.

We all got to talking and Ashley shared that 20 years is vintage. Kali is vintage – how freaky is that? Admittedly though, she prefers vintage to old. There were little smurf toys, and other things that we remembered from our childhoods at the vintage fair – there’s also things from our childhood in the museum. We’re pretty sure we’re too young to be in the museum.

We had these in my elementary school... not cool.

A tad ridiculous (and more than a tad heavy).

Rachel also found this cute, blue velvet dress. It was $45 so she decided not to get it, but she couldn’t get it out of her mind so she decided to go try it on. Unfortunately, when she went back to try it on someone had already bought it. That’s the problem with vintage items, they’re rare, and if they’re gone, they’re gone. However, she decided to try on a few of the other dresses just for fun. One was this pink, beaded, ridiculous dress, but she decided to try it on anyway. There was a long gold one that looked nice, but Kali kept cracking Cleopatra jokes.

It looked cute on the hanger?

Walk Like an Egyptian

The vintage fair was followed by going out for waffles (Ashley is a sucker for waffles). Kali didn’t get the work done she had hoped to, but she still had a lot of fun.Any other vintage fans out there?

Button, O' Button - Vintage Buttons that Is

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

– Rachel & Kali


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