A Week Without Rachel

Rachel has gone away for the week. She’s gone home (up island) and then she’s going to be in a beauty pageant (although she says it’s not) for Job’s Daughters. I’m not going to go too much into it because I don’t know too many details about it, but I do know it means that Rachel has deserted me for the first time since summer vacation. I guess this isn’t so bad as it would have been last year, I mean I have more friends to keep me occupied this year and we’re not quite as attached as we were at this time last year, but it still sucks.

Even though Rachel annoys me by reading fanfiction instead of doing her homework and makes me worry that she’s going to get kicked out of school she’s still easily my best friend, and not having your best friend around for a week is not a whole lot of fun. Fortunately I don’t really have time to mope since I’ve got an in-class essay in my Greek and Roman Mythology class on Friday to study for. And, if nothing else I can watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (my newest obsession). Plus, I’ve been harassing some of the departments and can do a bunch of class planning for next year (which I love).

In some ways it will be a relief not to have to bug her to do her homework (not that she ever listens to me anyway), but I’ll still miss her. I still can’t believe she’s taking an entire week off of school – she would have to miss Wednesday-Friday for the pageant, but she just took today and tomorrow off because she could. She says she’s going to study for the pageant, but, well… her track record speaks for itself.

Also on the plus side THE HUNGER GAMES! I’m going to see the movie this weekend and I’m so excited. Then I’m going to go see it again next week when Rachel comes back – fortunately my Scene card has enough points for two free movies.

I’ll definitely miss Rachel, but I’ve got to look on the bright side… since she’s gone, I get to see The Hunger Games twice!

– Kali


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