Summer Registration

Hello more followers than I ever thought we’d have! How is everyone today?

It’s that time of year again, the time for summer course registration, and for once I’m actually taking a couple courses. Mostly, this is because if I don’t won’t graduate within the time I want. I just finished registering for the two courses, and as a couple of my friends could attest for, I was fairly bouncing with excitement as the minutes ticked by to when I could register.

The sad part comes when I go to register. One of the courses I wanted to take I got into easily (History of the Second World War) but I didn’t get into the other course I wanted (History of Sexuality), I ended up 15th on the waitlist. My other friend, who got to register before me, ended up 14th on the wait list and emailed the professor. According to her, the professor is trying to get a larger classroom so she can take everyone. I really hope she gets a larger room, I want to take this course. XD

That’s my little excited rant about summer courses! Enjoy!



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