End of Semester & Earthwalk

School has come to a close for the semester. I had my last exam on Tuesday and now I’m just waiting for my grades to come in. I’m not taking summer classes, but Rachel is so we should both be in the city for most of the summer. Unfortunately co-op was a failure. I had a couple of things working against me – I didn’t have the money to leave the city and it was my first term. Theoretically I could keep looking for co-op placements into May, but I’m broke so I can’t wait. On that front though I got a job today. I’ll actually be working with my friend Stephanie so that should be good – and it’s full time which is really helpful. I don’t start until Tuesday, but it gives me time to do any last minute things that need to be done.

Today we had the Earthwalk. It’s an annual event which brings together champions of many causes. Myself and the president of UVic’s Students for a Free Tibet were there, along with many members of the Victoria branch of the Canada Tibet Committee.

This time we started at the Legislature Building and walked up to Centennial Square

Fortunately it was another nice day – I’m hoping the sunny weather is here to stay, but in Victoria it probably won’t. There were a lot of people there – I even ran into one of my teachers from high school.

It started out with a speech and a warm welcome

Her speech was about the salmon and how they are considered sacred. She also shared with us that when she was young she always said she was not going to be one of those environmentalists – it just goes to show you how things can change.

The banner we walked with. I held a Tibetan flag though

This was on the back of a wheelchair. I have no idea where he got it, but isn't it awesome!?

I was down there for about 3.5 hours and it wasn’t even close to wrapping up when I left. However, I was tired and hungry so I headed home. Plus, I didn’t have any sunscreen and I burn super easily.

There was an awesome band playing when we got to Centennial Square - they were just finishing up when I left

Even though I’m tired it’s been a pretty good day. And now that I have the promise of money coming in, I can go to dinner with my friends tomorrow night and actually eat something! Is it sad that that’s exciting? maybe a little…

– Kali


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