I’m Kelly?

My new job is going well. I spend most of my time doing cash and although it feels like I have to ask a lot of questions about prices I think it’s going okay. Weirdly, I’m already no longer the new girl. They hired a few other people the same day they hired me and I think there are one or two people who started after I did. I really like my coworkers too, they’ve all been super nice so far.

Even more strangely they think my name is Kelly. Originally I was going by my legal name (the name that shall not be named), but since my friend Stephanie works with me she was calling me Kali. One of my bosses heard and thought she called me Kelly. When she asked me about it I thought she said Kali because sometimes her accent isn’t the clearest and explained that that’s the name I go by in everyday life.A few hours later I had a new name tag and was christened Kelly.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that it was actually Kali so I just go by Kelly now. After all, it’s close enough and much better than the other name. I guess that’s one way to try out a different name.

In other good news, Stephanie and I share a day off – Monday. So, tomorrow we’re going to get her textbooks for her summer classes, and I’m meeting my History 388 prof from last semester (Dr. W) to get my paper back from that class.

It should be a busy day off.

– Kali

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