Home… at least for a little bit.

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Hello all, how has life been to you?

For me I am once again back at my childhood home with my Dad and his girlfriend. Once again it is an interesting experience, nothing like being in Victoria. Already, I miss Victoria, my apartment there, my friends, and just the general atmosphere of being in the city. At least I don’t have to spend the next four months here, in the calm serenity of the beach and the stress of living at home with my Dad. Progressively, he has gotten better over the years, especially this trip, but I have also only been here less than 24 hours and haven’t gone anywhere yet.

At some point while I am here I am planning on organizing a sleepover for my birthday (which is after I leave again and I might be doing something on the day of back in Victoria, or at least the weekend following it, even though sadly some friends won’t be able to come because they have gone back to their homes for the summer).

On some levels I enjoy being home, I don’t have nearly as many expenses, I don’t have to cook meals, and I generally just have to help clean up dinner (which mostly consists of rinsing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher). I get to see all my friends here that I haven’t seen in a while, and that is something that I truly enjoy doing. The draw backs to coming back is that I am once again living with a parent, and in this house that means lectures on a lot of things, and working on the property (at least I get paid for the volun-told work I have to do…).

Home is beautiful, and occasionally I’ll go out and sit on some logs and just relax to the sound of the ocean and the smell of the salt air, it has always been a calming if boring point in my life. This kind of relaxing I find is best done lying down in a bathing suit while the sun shines down and warms your skin. XD

Wishing everyone the best and missing Victoria,


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