New Summer, New Phone

First University Phone

Ever since I graduated high school and started attending UVic, it has happened that I needed a new phone in the summer. The fist summer I needed a phone with a Victoria number, so I didn’t get long distance charges. After some research, my dad and I decided on going with Virgin Mobile and one of their myPlans. I chose just a simple talk and text phone that I actually liked having, and would still probably have if not for the whole suddenly freezing and not doing anything issue. It was the Samsung Link (Blue & White).

When I sent the phone in for repairs, they sent me another phone I was supposed to only have for at most a month. It ended up being three months I believe by the time all was said and done. Virgin Mobile sent my phone back to me saying that nothing was wrong with and it was all fixed. Glad for this, I went to turn it on and found out that it indeed still froze upon boot-up. So, annoyed, I sent it back to them again to fix, this time with a sticky note saying to try and turn it on. They sent it back in the same condition again. You can imagine how annoyed I was getting at this point, this was all during school time, verging onto exam period, and I was more than ready for this whole fiasco to be over with.

Exam period passed, and I went home for the summer. This is when Virgin Mobile called me and said that they couldn’t find anything wrong with the phone and that since I was having continued issues with it, they would remove the remaining money for it from my supertab. So I got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy 550, and it is a great little phone, if the cheapest Android Smartphone on the market and you can tell. It would overload occasionally and shut itself off as well as heat up if you were trying to use too complicated an app for it (like FishTank, or whatever its called). I enjoyed the touch screen and the size is just right for where I keep my phone most of the time. The only issue now is with Virgin Mobile itself.

For the past, oh say about 5 or 6 months, they have been charging me steadily around $67 for my phone a month. My plan is supposed to be $47/month. Their reasons were varying, “You’ve gone over on your data” “Long distance charges” and other such whimsical excuses (I wasn’t going over my data, I checked). So, it has been decided by myself and my dad that I will switch away from Virgin Mobile over to Koodo. As a result, I will need to be getting yet another new phone and plan. This time one I won’t go over on or have any issues with (I’ll get 1GB of data, more than enough for me, and Koodo has no long distance charges within Canada, they call it National Calling and I think it is a great thing).

LG Optimus Black: The new phone-to-be

The new phone from Koodo, the LG Optimus Black, has a ton load of features I’m sure to enjoy (5 megapixel back camera and a 2 megapixel front camera, 2.3 Android operating system) and mixed with the new plan ($50/month Canada-Wide Data Plan with 1GB of data, 150 anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited evenings and weekends, call display, and voicemail) I should have no further issues with my phone, at all. I am looking forward to not having to get a new phone next summer. *pauses, thinks, then knocks on wood*

Hoping your phone experiences are better than mine,


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