Summer Ups, and Summer Downs

Hello All!

Shall I start with the ups, or the downs of this summer? How about a little switching between? Here we go then.

An Up: I had my first class of History of Sexuality (HIST 461) today and I am absolutely in love with it! A major part of this love is actually for the professor, Dr. Georgia Sitara. She is such an enthusiastic, caring, kind, and helpful persona and professor that it is hard not to enjoy her classes. She genuinely loves the topic she is teaching, is passionate about it, and wants her students to enjoy it just as much as she does. This course is going to move fast with multiple readings everyday, our major assignment (a book review) due in a week, our midterm in two weeks, and our final in three weeks. Along with my one friend, I am fully expecting to love this class, it’ll be work but it’ll be worth it.

The Down: My dad has declared that if I don’t go back to his house in July, he is cutting all funds, help, and support. The fact that he still feels the need to control my life in such a harsh way (there was no discussion on his part, and none was allowed on mine) is a saddening thought and I am dreading the time when I have to go back in July. He even granted me permission to get a part time job (a specific one, mind you) while I am there. I dread the day I have to go back and look forward to the day when I can return to Victoria and people who don’t try to manipulate me in a bad Slytherin way.

Another Up, Because I need one after that: I was able to get my hands on all three Stars Wars movies in Blueray! (I suddenly got an urge to abandon this post and go watch The Empire Strikes Back then The Return of the Jedi, but I’ll finish the post and do my readings first. sighs.) I can’t really tell the difference between Blueray and DVD, but it is the only version they had and I wanted it! Now I have them alls *evil laugh and finger plotting accompanied by a happy maniacal laugh* In that same shopping trip at Walmart, I was able to also get the WHOLE Lord of the Rings widescreen edition on DVD! This also makes me happy. XD

That’s enough from me for now, as I’m sure you really didn’t care about anything I’ve said here. Enjoy the rest of your spring day!


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