The Worst Part of Class Registration Time

Well, class registration time is here. Don’t get me wrong, I love registering for classes (I’m sure it’s obvious if you’ve read many of our posts), but I hate the waiting. It’s stressful. I get decent grades, but not exactly straight A’s (I WISH!) so that means that my registration date isn’t usually terrible, but it’s hardy the first one. That means I get to spend the  days from when registration opens to when I finally get to register watching as the classes I want to get into slowly fill up.

So far I’ve never actually had to be on a waitlist, but I’m well aware that it’s only a matter of time as the class sizes get smaller. Today is only Day 2 of registration and the classes stand as follows:

First Semester

Modern Political Thought: 52 spots remaining (out of 60)

Government & Politics in Europe: 69 spots remaining (out of 70)

Introduction to Asian Religions: 67 spots remaining (out of 70)

Myths and Legends of the Middle Ages: 56 spots remaining (out of 70)

Second Semester

Introduction to Research Methods in Politics: 56 spots remaining (out of 58)

Indo-Tibetan Religious Traditions: 34 spots remaining (out of 35)

Methodists, Mormons, & Mystics: Religious Culture of the US from Colonial to 20th Century: 42 spots remaining (out of 45)

Religion in Society: 59 spots remaining (out of 60)

So far the only one I’m worried about filling up is the Myths and Legends class. It seems to be filling up pretty quickly (not that that’s at all surprising). My registration date is next Tuesday and I’m just hoping I don’t have to work at that time.

I really hope that class doesn’t fill up because it’s one I need for the Religious Studies degree and if I can’t get into it I’ll have to rearrange my first semester again which would mean I would have to get rid of the European politics class which I really want to take.

Anyways, this was just a little stress vent. Soon to come will be some posts about the trip Rachel and I took to the museum. And, as a sneak preview I give you this:

– Kali


2 thoughts on “The Worst Part of Class Registration Time

  1. I’m with you, I hate the waiting. My date is on the 26th, but it’s still stressful, especially considering that two of my classes only have 20 seats and I need both of them. =A= I hope you get into all of them, though! I’m just establishing a ‘Plan B’ just in case!

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