Registration Trials

Well, registration is now complete for me. I did run into a little snag when doing so though. The sociology class I wanted to take (Sociology 310: Religion in Society) had prerequisites that it did not warn me about on the UVic website.Unfortunately I do not have time to take the prerequisites so it means I can’t take the class. It’s too bad too because I really wanted to take it. It sounded really interesting and Dr. W (who taught the inter-religious history class I took last semester) was teaching it and I was looking forward to having him as a prof again.

I did manage to find another class to take though. It’s an Art History class in Byzantine Art. It sounds like it should actually be pretty cool and according to Rate My Prof the prof is pretty awesome too. Also, it will be my first class in the Hickman Building. I’ve only been in there a couple of times – once for an exam prep session and once just this last semester for a talk that was going on about the Arab Spring.

Even if it’s not exactly what I had planned on I’m still looking forward to next year. It looks like they’ve switched around a few things though. First semester reading break is a Monday-Wednesday instead of a Wednesday-Friday. I’m not particularly fond of that, I preferred it the other way around even though it’s not a difference in days or anything. Also, second semester seems to start on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday which is just strange. I had finally gotten used to it starting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday like all my other schooling until that point and now they’re changing it. Not cool.

In other news though, I caught up in my Camp NaNoWriMo word count. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I’m even 1000 words ahead. The plan is to finish on Thursday. I still love my characters, but I’m getting tired of this story. It will be good to have the month off in between too. I already have the basics of an idea for my August NaNo too. Hopefully August will be better.

Now I just have to wait for textbook lists to be up on August 1st!

– Kali


One thought on “Registration Trials

  1. It has to do with the way New Years’ Eve/Day falls, I guess; I just noticed it too. Since the holiday is on the Tuesday, I guess they’re going to give us an extra day to rest up before the second semester starts. It’s silly, but at least we get an extra day’s break?

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