All My Spare Time

With all this spare time I have I have decided to take up beginner Arabic. I’m taking it through Continuing Studies though so we don’t have tests and it doesn’t affect my GPA which is nice.

I had my first class last night and it was really cool even though I was the youngest person in the room so I was a bit nervous at first. Our teacher Nooshi is super welcoming though so I got over my nerves pretty fast.

I’ve got to get back to writing my short assignment for my European Politics class, but I figured I’d give y’all an update.

– Kali


Busy Bee

I know I promised more posts, but I lied. I’ve been incredibly busy since school started again and I just haven’t had time. So, here goes, a whirlwind post of school life so far.

My classes rock. My European politics class with one of my favorite profs ever is fantastic (not that that should come as a surprise). I’m not a huge fan of our textbook though – the chapters are SO long and I had gotten used to having my textbooks point out the key terms and things which this one doesn’t do. Apparently there is only one text for this class, the bookstore screwed up and stated that there were two – unfortunately I bought the second text in ebook form so I can’t return it.

My political theory class is… well, political theory class. I really like my professor (Dr. T) because he explains things really well, but it’s still political theory. So far we’ve been reading Kant and discussing him and Rousseau (and every once in a while other people too).

My Intro to Asian Religions class is pretty cool too. I will honestly admit that I was not as excited for this class as I should have been. I definitely have less interest in ‘eastern’ religions than ‘western’ religions, but I’m actually finding it fascinating. Also, I didn’t think I would have a friend in this class, but the VP of Circle K who I know from a high school group we were both involved in is in it with me so that’s awesome. We have to do a religious sites assignment where we have to go to a site in Victoria of one of the religions we’re studying and neither of us wanted to go alone so she’s going to take me with her to the Sikh temple.

Last, but certainly not least is my Medieval Myths & Legends class. Ashley is in this class with me which is awesome. Not to mention our prof, Dr. A, is AMAZING! He’s quite possibly the most entertaining prof I’ve ever had – he’s one of those people who was just meant to be a prof (either that or a comedian). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in a class before. I’m finding the class stupidly intimidating considering it’s a 200 level class (and since MEDI doesn’t have 100 level it’s the very beginning of the MEDI classes), but I think part of that might be having Ashley in class with me. It’s not her fault, not at all, but she just knows so much about it (MEDI being her major and all) that I feel kind of dumb in comparison. And then I worry that everyone else probably thinks I’m stupid – especially Dr. A – and it makes the class and assignments kind of nerve-wracking. I’m sure I’ll calm down though.

The past two days were also clubs days so I was running around trying to do things for Circle K. I managed to see some of my friends at the tables for their clubs too, and I even saw the woman who I knew in high school who got me involved in Free Tibet – she was at the Students for a Free Tibet table again. This time I was not there for hours though as I did not have much time – it was nice to see her though. Our first Circle K meeting is on Monday and I’m a bit nervous. I imagine having our exec meeting right beforehand will help though – and plus, the first meeting always has the most people because of the pizza!


I’m just a tad excited. Could you tell?

I’ve already started working with the other MLs and it looks like it’s going to be a fun year full of surprises even for our regular Victoria NaNo-ers/NaNites/WriMos.

I’m still working too – 32.5 hours a week. So yeah, I’m just a tad busy. That’s okay though, I do my best work when I’m busy. And besides, apparently our hours at work get cut after Halloween (just in time for NaNo) because this is the busy season and then we’re practically dead afterwards.

That’s all for now.

– Kali