1 Year and We Didn’t Notice

Wow, first off sorry for not blogging much lately. I also just noticed that we passed our one year mark on October 3rd. Since I don’t have the stats from that day I’ll use the ones from today to tell you what has happened for the blog in the last year.

In one year we:

– have made 68 posts (yikes, we really need to do better)

– have gotten 70 comments (some of those were us responding though)

– have deleted 378 spam comments

– have had 1151 views

Those are pretty exciting in my not so humble opinion. Considering when we started this blog we didn’t think anyone would read it at all I think it’s quite the accomplishment.

And here are the top 5 search terms that have brought people here:

1. vancouver yule ball

2. free jinger

3. tardis logo

4. tardis blue food coloring

5. long lollipops on a stick

And, the weirdest search term that has ever brought someone here is… (imagine a drum roll here) i’ve had sex with “alex carpenter”


Anyone who wants tales of sex with Alex Carpenter is definitely looking in the wrong place. I’ve hugged Alex, that is all. Sorry to disappoint anyone who came here looking for that.

All in all it’s been an exciting year here at Two Thinking Girls. I’ve got to go work on a paper proposal about the impact of the Arabian Nights on Western Culture, but I promise an actual update post after my classes finish for the day.

Ciao! And here’s to another awesome year.

– Kali

PS: Did you watch the debate? I had to catch it when I got home from work last night, but go Obama go!



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