Do- D’ya see what I mean?

This is probably the phrase I hear most often in my Medieval Myths & Legends class. It’s still proving to be an awesome class, but I guess that was obvious because I can quote my prof (I actually have a document with some of my favorite quotes by him because I’m just that cool).

I just handed in my paper proposal for that class, but I’m super nervous because I know it wasn’t that good – I had a lot of trouble finding sources. I’m also nervous about my short assignment for my political theory class, but what’s done is done.

Speaking of things that make me nervous (actually, more like insanely scared), I had a toothache a couple of weeks ago and it was so bad I actually went to the dentist (spoiler alert – I’m massively terrified of the dentist). He said it was infected and gave me some antibiotics. The antibiotics cleared it up and I’m all good now, but he wants to remove the tooth. When I was in major pain I agreed to that, but I never made the appointment because I was waiting on insurance information, but in that time I looked up what he wants to do to me. It involves CUTTING OPEN MY GUM AND USING A SAW TO REMOVE BONE! AHHHHHH! I’m pretty sure that counts as torture and is thus against the Geneva Convention.

My mom wants me to make the appointment (the insurance papers came in a couple of days ago), but I don’t think I can go through with it. It was easy to agree when I was in major pain and did not know what I was agreeing to. Now that I’m not though – well, it’s a lot more difficult to want to voluntarily consent to being put in more pain. I asked for oral sedation, but there’s no way that would be enough – I would still have to watch and hear them cutting my mouth open with scalpels and saws – no thank you.

Anyways, I’m going to get off this topic and move onto something better (which, let’s be honest, is anything and everything. NANOWRIMO is coming up soon. I’m meeting with my Co-MLs to make up the goodie bags for our kick off party on Friday morning and I’m really excited. I’m writing the sequel to last years novel so it’s kind of comforting to have some familiar characters to work with, but they’re on a whole different planet so I’ve got a bunch of new characters as well.

Caution: Poltical Thoughts Ahead

I also watched the debate last night and it was great. Obama could have done better and Romney could have done worse, but I definitely think Obama came out ahead. Although after Romney’s binders full of women and gun control being best served by heteronormative two parent families I don’t think it would have taken much (or at least I hope not).

I fear for the world if Romney wins. Not to mention, Harper does not need another conservative buddy to egg him on. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do but hope that the last debate goes well for Obama and that the American elections give the world another 4 more years of Obama.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

– Kali

PS: I also need to figure out a Halloween costume. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated since I haven’t dressed up (except for Harry Potter releases) since I was 13.


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