Once again I accomplished the NaNoWriMo challenge. I crossed the 50K mark on the 21st and finished the actual story on Monday. It was the sequel to last years NaNo and it was a lot of fun to write despite the torture and death of several characters. Admittedly all the death was off-screen so to speak.

I also started a new novel on Monday because this year I AM GOING TO WRITE POST NANO.

I know, I know – I say that every year, but this year it’s true. I know that to be the case because several other Victoria NaNo-ers/NaNites/WriMos have all decided to set a goal of 500 words a day. It’s not as challenging as the NaNo goal of 1667 words a day which makes ir completely do-able for the long haul. I can write out 500 words in 15 minutes if I’m really on a roll, but it usually taken me more like 30-45 minutes to do so. Putting half an hour aside a day for writing is easy.

In other news the semester is almost over which is great in some ways and sad in others. Monday is that last day of classes though my exams are not over until the 20th. My political theory exam is worth 50% of my mark and that one is absolutely terrifying because it could really make or break my mark. At this point I don’t even care if my grade for that class is particularly good (a first for me), I just want to pass so I never have to take another political theory class again.

I’m definitely going to miss my Arabic class though. Even when I’m sick and tired and do my homework last-minute it brightens up my day. And Nooshi is quite possibly the sweetest teacher I have ever had. I’m thinking about taking part two in the new year, but at the same time I’m also considering taking some time away from it and just trying to make sure I have everything we’ve learned in this class down pat. On the other hand though I worry that I will have great intention to study my Arabic and then just not do it which I do admit to having a tendency to doing. It’s a decision I can make in the new year though since the class doesn’t start until the end of January.

Well, let’s just get through this last essay (for political theory – yuck) and exams and see where the holidays take me.

– Kali

All the Things

Hey y’all!

So, my NaNo is going well – I’m ahead of the game at 44,558, but I’ve gotten a bit behind in my schoolwork. Sigh.

I didn’t actually miss any deadlines. I have two papers due on December 3rd though and I haven’t started either one. One of them I wrote a paper proposal for though so that should help. I think it’s totally do-able, but it means I’ve made a new rule about only working on my NaNo  when I’m at write-ins. I kinda maybe already broke that rule yesterday, but I only wrote 500 words and I was busy manning a table for our Circle K bake sale so it’s not like I was ignoring class…

Yes, I do know those are weak excuses.

In other news, Rachel is no longer here. I’ll let her tell you the details, but I definitely miss her. On the bright side though, we did Christmas in November. I got gloves that I can text while wearing, a plushie companion cube, and a Big Bang Theory calendar. So, that was kind of awesome.

I’m working less, which has left me more time for writing and procrastinating on my homework – which is both a positive and a negative. I’m appreciating the break from work, but at the same time I’m making less money and I am doing the aforementioned procrastinating. Oh well.

Also, textbooks for next semester go up on the 1st, but I shan’t bore y’all with more. That’s a snapshot of my life at the moment.



I joined Twitter.

There, I said it. It’s a little embarrassing but in my defence I joined in order to follow American election night coverage quickly while on my breaks from work (because I have to work on election night and that SUCKS) and to follow NaNoWriMo stuff.

I am not tweeting – I promise. I have always said that unless you are someone important you should not be tweeting. Because, seriously, most people do not have an interesting life and therefore have nothing to tweet about. It’s the main reason I was reluctant to start a blog – because who cares about what I do with my life?

Apparently some people do since this blog does have followers, but I still don’t think I could ever tweet. Though I do have this feeling that one day I will think I have something clever to say, tweet it, and crickets. No , I’d rather avoid that.

In other news, I’m ahead with my word count for NaNo. And a few of us were interviewed for a local newspaper the other day.


Even if I’m now a twit. There really has to be a better term for someone who is on Twitter…

– Kali

Nanowrimo is here!

Praise the literary gods, everyone!

Yes, you read correctly, the fabulous and wonderful Nanowrimo is finally upon us again. I’ve eagerly awaited its return with great anticipation, and I was not disappointed. Now, to celebrate the return of the wonderful Nanowrimo, a bunch of us (of course Kali was there) met at one of the 24 hour McDonalds in our city (that also has power outlets and free wifi, the wonderful and much needed things that those are) for 11pm and socialized before midnight rolled around and we then we all set our fingers to a fast and furious writing pace with the goal in mind for many of us to reach the days word count before leaving.

Some of us met this goal, and some of us did not. Despite not having any sort of idea (not even a main character) of what I was writing a mere half hour before midnight, I still managed to reach 1957 words before 2am rolled around and the last of us headed out to our respective homes and beds. As expected, there was much enjoyment and laughter to be had at the kick off last night (or was it this morning? I never know).

As you probably have guessed, there is a story behind my sudden discovery of a plot, and its one that I’m rather fond of. It starts with a jar. Now, this isn’t just any old jar that can be found in the back of your cupboard or on a store shelf, this is a very special jar: its a jar of magical plot devices and word boosters. This wonderful and fabulous jar is the reason that I had any plot at all when I started my nano novel last night (I decided to call it that since that’s what it feels like). Normally I’m a pantser, an author who writes from the seat of their pants, no planning or definite plot in sight, but this year would have been a whole new level of pantsing it for me, for I didn’t even have a main character. And that dilemma didn’t clear itself once I’d started writing until the second chapter (it had remained during the prologue and first chapter who the actual MC would be), the MC (= main character) is a 21 year old female who is telling the story of her mother’s adventures, or at least the summary of it (I decided at the last minute that I didn’t want that to be the whole novel summarized what was left of her daring but unsuccessful adventures). The only character in my story to have a name so far is the FMC, Clara, and she got her name when her mother called her to wake her up.

Now, I just realized that I hadn’t shared the wonderful plot device I pulled from the magical jar that spurred this soon to be fabulous story I’m writing into existence, it was: “a magical object falls from the sky” (that’s a paraphrase). Great, huh? In my story, an unidentified object falls from the sky, and is lost in the world. Soon, a beautiful woman of unreliable description descends from the clouds in search of this object, offering great rewards to the one who returns it to her. The object is never found and the world is encased in a seal of clouds (this actually happened shortly after the object landed) that only parts in small places to let a little of the sun shine through. It still rains normally, as if the clouds aren’t there.

That is my wonderful plot for this year’s National Novel Writing Month, and I’m sure that if Kali wishes, she’ll add hers to end of this fabulous post when she reads. Or she won’t if she doesn’t want to.

Wonderful, smile filled days for you all and happy writing!
~ Rachel

P.S. I believe that everyone has a novel in them, and only requires the outlet for it. Allow Nanowrimo to be your outlet and join our crazy and wonderful adventure at!