I joined Twitter.

There, I said it. It’s a little embarrassing but in my defence I joined in order to follow American election night coverage quickly while on my breaks from work (because I have to work on election night and that SUCKS) and to follow NaNoWriMo stuff.

I am not tweeting – I promise. I have always said that unless you are someone important you should not be tweeting. Because, seriously, most people do not have an interesting life and therefore have nothing to tweet about. It’s the main reason I was reluctant to start a blog – because who cares about what I do with my life?

Apparently some people do since this blog does have followers, but I still don’t think I could ever tweet. Though I do have this feeling that one day I will think I have something clever to say, tweet it, and crickets. No , I’d rather avoid that.

In other news, I’m ahead with my word count for NaNo. And a few of us were interviewed for a local newspaper the other day.


Even if I’m now a twit. There really has to be a better term for someone who is on Twitter…

– Kali


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