All the Things

Hey y’all!

So, my NaNo is going well – I’m ahead of the game at 44,558, but I’ve gotten a bit behind in my schoolwork. Sigh.

I didn’t actually miss any deadlines. I have two papers due on December 3rd though and I haven’t started either one. One of them I wrote a paper proposal for though so that should help. I think it’s totally do-able, but it means I’ve made a new rule about only working on my NaNo  when I’m at write-ins. I kinda maybe already broke that rule yesterday, but I only wrote 500 words and I was busy manning a table for our Circle K bake sale so it’s not like I was ignoring class…

Yes, I do know those are weak excuses.

In other news, Rachel is no longer here. I’ll let her tell you the details, but I definitely miss her. On the bright side though, we did Christmas in November. I got gloves that I can text while wearing, a plushie companion cube, and a Big Bang Theory calendar. So, that was kind of awesome.

I’m working less, which has left me more time for writing and procrastinating on my homework – which is both a positive and a negative. I’m appreciating the break from work, but at the same time I’m making less money and I am doing the aforementioned procrastinating. Oh well.

Also, textbooks for next semester go up on the 1st, but I shan’t bore y’all with more. That’s a snapshot of my life at the moment.



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