Baltimare to Manehatten

Rachel and I are planning a trip!

This summer, the first week of August we’re going to Baltimare (Baltimore, MD) to go to BRONYCON. That’s right, we’re going to a My Little Pony Convention. And then, since we’re going to be in the area, we’ve decided to go check out New York as well.

There’s about a million things to do before we can go. We’ve got flights to book, and a hotel room to get in Baltimare (that we will hopefully share with others going to the Con) as well as one for NYC. We’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do in NYC and I have to get a passport (handed in the forms today, but it will still probably be another 2-3 weeks until I get it). Not to mention getting actual passes for BronyCon and getting our cosplay outfits together. Good thing we still have a lot of time to do it in.

I can’t wait, but it seems like it’s even farther away than it really is. I still have papers to write and exams too – and then there’s still 3 months to wait after all of that is even done!

We’ll keep everypony updated as our plans progress, but right now I’m just busy being ridiculously excited.

– Kali



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