35 Days! Class Registration! Camp Nano!

I love when things are going well.

I just finished registering for my classes. Unfortunately, much like last year there was a prerequisite for one of the classes I wanted to take that I didn’t see. I did find another class to take however. It has absolutely nothing to do with either of my majors, but I did have two open elective spots for the next couple of years and so that’s fine. Besides, it’s an interesting class that I’ve heard good things about.

Also in registration news, I got into the poli sci seminar that I wanted into. It’s with one of my favorite profs and it’s called… wait for it… Politics and Pop Culture! Doesn’t that sound like it’s right up my alley?

Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a couple of days too. I’ve decided to write fantasy which is kind of intimidating, but also really neat. I’ve been doing a lot of world building. I think the most annoying thing about it is that I have all this information that will most likely never be important nor even come up. I suppose that’s one of the hazards of trying to build a world to put a novel in though.

I did not get Rachel in my cabin sadly, even though we both asked for each other, but them’s the breaks. And the girls in my cabin seem awesome so far so it’s not too bad. And it’s not like Rachel and I are not in touch anyway.

We finally booked a place to stay in NYC. Now that all the must be done details are dealt with it’s really just a waiting game and small details to iron out. Only 35 days!

– Kali


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