Loot Crate

Hey look! Something that’s not about my upcoming trip (which we leave for next week – WOAH!). Instead this is about Loot Crate. It’s one of those things where you pay a certain amount of money each month and they send you a box of stuff – in this case it’s a box of awesome, geeky stuff.

I signed up for it last month after seeing reviews of it from some of my favorite YouTubers (particularly Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter – both of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person at Wrockstock a couple years back). So, basically, this post is going to be pictures of the awesome stuff I got.

June: Theme = Mash Up


The Loot Crate Itself




I think you can put these on your wall or something…


Stylus & Pen, 2-in-1. I should really actually try this thing.


8 Bit Sunglasses – Possibly my new favorite thing!


Warheads – because CANDY


Dead Pool shirt – a mash up of the Kool Aid guy and something called Dead Pool (even though I don’t know what that is it’s still awesome)




Not all that clear on what this is, but it looks cool

July: Theme = Varsity


I actually forgot all about this until it showed up!


Join the Dark Side, We Have Music


Pez – that’s really bringing back my childhood.


What does Sonic smell like? No idea – it’s still in the package.


Buttons from something called Video Game High School


According to the info card these are the people who made the aforementioned Video Game High School


Stormtroopers, always awesome.


I haven’t used a non mechanical pencil in years, but I might make an exception for this ‘Emergency Wireless Keyboard’


Oh hey! Video Game High School – I guess I’ll have watch this soon.

I’m glad I signed up and I’m excited to get next months Loot Crate. You should sign up too, they’re a glimmer of fun in an otherwise mundane existence. I especially look forward to getting them after my trip when I don’t have that to look forward to!

This time next week we’ll be in Baltimare!

– Kali


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