Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

This is the first in our posts about our trip to Baltimare-Manehattan. Though we came up with better titles while we were actually on vacation we neglected to write them down.

Our journey started with a drive to the ferry. We were flying from Vancouver instead of Victoria so we had to get over to the mainland. Rachel brought her car down and one of our mutual friends drove us to the ferry. The first indication of the travel part of our adventure not going according to plan started before we had even gotten off the island. We accidentally missed the turn off for foot passengers on the ferry and accidentally drove into the car area – oops.

Fortunately that was an easy fix. We explained the situation and the guard told us how to get out of there. I get the feeling it happens quite a bit. This is where our friend dropped us and it was just Rachel and I. The ferry came quick and we dragged our suitcases aboard. The soundtrack to our ferry trip was Discord (the remix by The Living Tombstone). In hindsight it was probably not the best idea – our trip certainly felt like it was being overseen by Discord himself, the God of Chaos. The ferry got a bit off track and we got much too close to crashing into a small island for my comfort.

The bus ride from the ferry terminal to the Vancouver airport was uneventful. We contorted ourselves around our suitcases so we could sit down which was kind of fun.

Vancouver airport started with troubles for me and they basically just continued. When I tried to check in it would not let me so I had to go talk to the agent. Fine, not a big deal. Soon our bags were checked and it was time to go through the dreaded security. I had been expecting to go through security in Seattle the way I usually do when I fly from Victoria, but instead we were able to do it in Vancouver.

Then something terrible happened – something that’s never happened to me before. I BEEPED! It was, embarrassingly enough, terrifying. Lucky me it meant I got to go in one of those super fun (not) body scan machines which determined there was something in the back of my knee (HUH?). Obviously there wasn’t, so after the woman guard patted the back of my knee I was free to go.

Onto our gate where everything in the airport was closing. We had a couple of hours to kill, but it wasn’t so bad. And then the real fun began as our flight from Vancouver to Seattle was delayed. Okay, not a huge problem. We had a decently sized layover in Seattle. We would still be good as long as we weren’t too delayed. The delay ended up being about half an hour. That was… less than ideal. In an ideal world we would still have about 30-45 mins to get to our gate.

We needn’t have worried. When we arrived in Seattle we were running a bit late of course. However when we got to our assigned gate we realized we had a bigger problem. Our flight from Seattle to Chicago had been delayed as well – by an hour and fifteen minutes. This could be a problem.

We went to the United service desk and I can’t speak of the staff there highly enough. We explained the situation – we were on the super delayed flight to Chicago and if everything went perfectly after the delay we might have 10-15 minutes to catch our plane to Baltimore. She booked us on a backup flight that would only get up into Baltimore a couple of hours later which was not a big deal, and she even made sure our seats would be together for the Chicago flight which they had not been before.

We had some time to kill in Seattle, but just like in Vancouver everything was closing. The excitement was beginning to fade. It was late, we were tired, and everywhere we went we seemed to have more problems.

The flight from Seattle to Chicago left on time (well, the delayed time at least) and as we pulled into Chicago O’Hare the stewardess made an announcement. Two planes were being held for passengers on this flight and people were to let those passengers out first. One was a flight to Orlando and the other was ours!

I don’t think I have ever booked it so quickly through an airport. The entire time Rachel and I were saying to each other that we wished we could savor the airport more since it seemed pretty cool. We even got to go in this area under the ground where the ceiling had all these cool tube lights.

We made the flight, both of us huffing and puffing. We then got to sit on the plane and wait. After about ten minutes a couple showed up on the plane with Starbucks. Rachel and I looked at each other incredulously – they were holding the plane for these people and they just ambled over and stopped to get coffee on their way. It just seemed so disrespectful. They were already holding the plane, did this couple not think everyone else on the plane had places to go as well.

It didn’t truly matter however as we had to wait another 15-20 minutes for what we’re assuming were some minor repairs.

After everything however we took off and eventually landed at our final destination – Baltimore, MD. Our suitcases had made it too. Now we just needed to get to our hotel because we were both exhausted. It was approximately 9am Baltimore local time on August 1st. We had started our journey at 11:30am Victoria local time on July 31st. Yes, we were just a wee bit ready to do a little relaxing.

Hey Look, We’re Not Dead!

We went, we’re back and we’ve been remiss in blogging. Oops. We had all these grandiose plans to blog, we were even making up titles for each day while we were gone, but then, well, for me it was post trip apathy, for Rachel I’m not sure. I seem to get that way most times I go anywhere, the first time I went to Wrockstock I almost lost NaNoWriMo because of it!

Anyways, this is just going to be a very short post with a promise of a longer one later today – I’m going to meet a friend for milkshakes.

The short version of how the trip went was that the flights sucked (almost all were delayed), the Con was FANTASTIC, I was right about New York (it’s my dream city), and we managed not to kill each other.

I took a lot less pictures than expected because I was too busy having fun, but I’ll put up the pictures I did take. Rachel also took less pictures than expected, but that’s a whole story that, trust me, will be shared.

Suffice to say that being back is, well, kind of depressing. On the plus side I have school to look forward to next week, but the last couple of weeks have been hard.

Sorry about the silence.

– Kali