We Touched the Atlantic!

When we left the airport in Baltimore it was a completely new experience for me at least. Now just Baltimore – clearly that was new to both of us – but the HUMIDITY! Now, I had heard of humidity before – even had people say a day was particularly humid, but I never truly understood what that meant until I walked out into the sunshine of Baltimore. It probably didn’t help that I had been in the same clothes without having had a chance to take a shower for, well, far too long.

The station for the Baltimore Light Rail (I have to give props, it’s probably one of my favorite ways to travel and no two have ever had the same name – Vancouver SkyTrain, St. Louis MetroLink, and now the Baltimore Light Rail) was connected to the airport. I was pretty relieved. I really just wanted to get to the hotel and flop down for a little bit. Not too long because I wanted to take a bit of a look around Baltimore, but at least long enough to change my clothes.

There were a few other waiting for the Light Rail as well and we ended up talking to one guy who was also going to BronyCon – in fact he was working BronyCon. He had never been to Baltimore either so once we got the usual questions out of the way (Where are you from? What do you do? Is this your first pony Con? Who is best pony? – Actually, I’m joking about the last one) a lot of our discussion was related to making sure we got off at the right stop.

We separated and began our trek to the hotel. We were staying in the Radisson while he was in the Hilton. It was only a short walk to the hotel and we actually ended up semi-following this pair (couple?) who had also been on the Light Rail with us – she had a tattoo of Rarity’s cutie mark so we knew they were  Bronies too.

The hotel was gorgeous. The elevators ended up being slightly possessed, but more on that later. We didn’t rest long however, but we did change our clothes. We then headed back downstairs to go find some food – we hadn’t had an actual meal in about 24 hours. That became a bit of a theme on the trip later on though.

We got a recommendation to check out a place just down the street called Java Joe’s. It was a good recommendation. Rachel had a French Dip – her usual first order at a new restaurant – and I got what was called the Thirty Third (no idea why, but it was delicious and had turkey, bacon, and cheese). The place was fabulous and we were ready to go look around Baltimore.

We had no idea where anything was so we basically just started walking. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to find the harbor so we could touch the Atlantic Ocean. Though I’ve flown over it before I’ve never actually been near enough to touch it. The Mediterranean Sea, yes, but not the Atlantic.

Our wandering did eventually find us in the harbor and the very first thing we did was rush to touch the water. Rachel even took her flip-flops off and put her feet in it! There was some sort of tourist information guy who gave us a weird look, but neither of us cared. We had finally made it. After all the craziness of the trip to Baltimore we were on the east coast.

– Kali


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