Oddities & The First Line

Sorry about the lag in post time. Back to school has kept me super busy this time around. This post is back to our Baltimore-NYC trip though. When we last left off Rachel and I were finally in Baltimore after all the flight issues.

Since we weren’t going to be actually around Baltimore for long (we knew we would be spending most of our time at the Con) we didn’t really look up things to do there. Was it a mistake? Possibly, but we found things to do. We wandered around the harbor and found a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium. We found a few other things as well, but we decided that that was the most intriguing to us.



A Different Angle

A Different Angle

Harry Made of Licorice

Harry Made of Liquorice

Yes. Yes I Can.

Yes. Yes I Can.

The pictures I took may have been a bit biased since I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so naturally that’s the stuff that would appeal to me. I did take some pictures of other stuff though!

Penny Made of Pennies

Penny Made of Pennies

Entirely Made of Cigarettes. Woah. And Yuck!

Entirely Made of Cigarettes. Woah. And Yuck!

Famous Sights

Famous Sights

At the end we went into this hall of mirrors area – it was totally trippy because we were wearing these special glasses to make it even crazier. I was a bit confused when they gave us gloves to wear inside, but once we got there it made sense as it was basically a maze. My gloved hands were always trying to feel my way through.

After we finished that we wandered around some more. Most of the afternoon was basically like a giant game of Spot the Brony – people wearing My Little Pony themed shirts were everywhere! We got a few thumbs up and some brohoofs (brohooves?) – which is basically a Brony fist bump (because ponies don’t have fists, but hooves).

We tried really hard to find a coffee shop and it was a major failure. We eventually found a Barnes & Noble which I insisted on going inside. It had a Starbucks, but it was WAY expensive in our opinions. We ended up just going for slushies at a nearby shop. I hadn’t had one in forever & it was amazing. It did turn my tongue blue though (I had blue raspberry).

Finally it was the moment we had both been waiting for – time to head up to the Hilton (the Con Center was connected to it) to pick up our badges for BRONYCON!

We arrived early and so we ended up being fairly close to the beginning of the line. We were not the only ones confused at first, but we found a bunch of our fellow Bronies and wandered around with them confused for a bit before we figured out where we were supposed to go. While we were waiting someone was pumping music by Brony musicians out of a pair of portable speakers – mostly super cool remixes of show songs.

The wait was long and it was kind of disorganized because of the different types of people going to the Con – regular attendees like us, sponsors, and vendors. They didn’t start different lines immediately, but after the line had already formed so yeah, a bit strange.

But, we were talking to people with at least one similar interest (PONIES) and they tended to be pretty cool. At one point a bunch of people decided to do this push up competition of sorts. I guess it really wasn’t a competition since no one lost – more of a showing off thing. One of the girls in line ended up joining in, she was the only girl. She got a lot of cheering from the crowd.

At the end it was all worth it though. There were options to go to a BarTrot that night, but as neither of us really drinks much (I don’t at all & Rachel does minimally) it didn’t really appeal and we knew we would be exhausted. So, instead, after we got our BronyCon bags (which had unicorn sunglasses, the BronyCon guide, etc) and our badges for the weekend we headed back to the hotel. We knew we would need an early night before the hustle and bustle of BronyCon began.

BronyCon Badge! Complete with the Con Mascots (from left to right) Blank Canvas, Hoof Beatz, & Mane Event!

BronyCon Badge! Complete with the Con Mascots (left to right) Blank Canvas, Hoof Beatz, & Mane Event!


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