3 Hours Ahead

Well, I live in Ontario now and that’s super weird. Before this I had never lived anywhere else so this is a major change. Go big or go home it seems to be in my world.

Decision made!

Decision made!

Myself and my future roommate went and visited Kingston the other day and we found a place to live. We did it all in one loong day, but it was a success. Our place is in a cute little neighborhood only a 15 minute walk from the university. Kingston’s a lot smaller than Victoria, but it kind of seems like a miniature version of my hometown which is comforting.

I feel like I keep calling everything ‘cute’ or ‘quaint’ or ‘adorable’ – but it really does look that way to me. There seems to be a lot of sweet little neighborhoods all done up in brick and stone. I miss the west coast for sure (and my family and friends out there), but so far I like Ontario. I imagine this might change once winter hits though!

  • Kali

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