The Prime Minister with ‘Nice Hair’

Election night came and went and it was a whole lot better for me than last time. Last time I got to sit at home and watch the numbers for the Conservatives tick higher and higher eventually giving them a majority.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I don’t support the Conservatives. I’m not a card carrying member of any party, but when I choose to vote non-strategically I generally lean NDP. However, I usually vote strategically when it comes to the federal elections. And if paid off.

In case you’re not a Canadian (or even if you are and just don’t care about politics) last night we had a federal election. The Conservatives were dealt what my first year Canadian politics prof once referred to as a Parliamentary spanking. That is to say, the Liberal party swept to a powerful majority. I’m happy. I like Justin Trudeau and while some of the things the Liberals have done (such as supporting the Conservative Bill C-51 (the anti-terrorism act which is essentially just gross Islamophobia)) I definitely do not support, I think this will be a breath of fresh air after the Harper Decade.

So now we’ve got a (relatively) young Prime Minister with ‘nice hair’ – the real question is what he will do next. I’ll be waiting to see.

And, for those looking for some (hilariously presented) information about the recent Canadian election I highly recommend the following clip from John Oliver..

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Winter is Coming

Spoiler Alert: this post has absolutely nothing to do with Game of Thrones. I’ve never seen the tv show and I only got partway through the second book before deciding it wasn’t for me.

That said, the title is definitely true. There’s no snow on the ground yet, but I live in mortal fear that every day is the one where I will wake up, open my blinds, and scream bloody murder because the ground is covered in snow. I really probably should get a move on on buying winter boots. I already have a winter jacket, but the boots just haven’t happened yet. This weekend I really will go buy them.

In other news, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend. Obviously home is a little bit far for me now so instead a bunch of people from school had an Orphan Thanksgiving/Lawsgiving.

My Lawsgiving Contribution

My Lawsgiving Contribution.

I made the brownies in the middle for the first time a few weeks ago when my section had a potluck and was told I needed to make them at every future occasion. They’re apparently called ‘Slutty Brownies’, but because we’re super nerds we’ve renamed them to ‘Bedford Brownies’. For those of you not in the know, the Bedford case was this recent Supreme Court of Canada case that has to do with prostitution laws. It’s awful, but it’s definitely now a thing.

Lawsgiving Feast!

Lawsgiving Feast!

School chugs on. We actually had our first (and only for this semester) midterm today. It was for Public Law and I don’t think it went terribly. I’m not sure it went amazing either, but talking to people afterwards made me pretty confident I was on the right track at least. And, worst case scenario, it’s a ‘help not hurt’ exam so if we do better on our final in December then the midterm won’t even count. And apparently most people do awful on it anyway. Welcome to law school I guess. They’ve got to take us all down a peg.

I swear I do take other classes.

I swear I do take other classes, but this is Property again.

Other than that life is really starting to settle into a routine. I’m doing archery with the Queen’s club a few times a week and I was selected to be a staff writer for the Queen’s Law news blog. We have our first meeting next week. I was able to vote yesterday (Canadians – if you haven’t voted yet, make sure you do on October 19th) and I’m in the midst of planning for NaNoWriMo. Life is good.

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