The Prime Minister with ‘Nice Hair’

Election night came and went and it was a whole lot better for me than last time. Last time I got to sit at home and watch the numbers for the Conservatives tick higher and higher eventually giving them a majority.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I don’t support the Conservatives. I’m not a card carrying member of any party, but when I choose to vote non-strategically I generally lean NDP. However, I usually vote strategically when it comes to the federal elections. And if paid off.

In case you’re not a Canadian (or even if you are and just don’t care about politics) last night we had a federal election. The Conservatives were dealt what my first year Canadian politics prof once referred to as a Parliamentary spanking. That is to say, the Liberal party swept to a powerful majority. I’m happy. I like Justin Trudeau and while some of the things the Liberals have done (such as supporting the Conservative Bill C-51 (the anti-terrorism act which is essentially just gross Islamophobia)) I definitely do not support, I think this will be a breath of fresh air after the Harper Decade.

So now we’ve got a (relatively) young Prime Minister with ‘nice hair’ – the real question is what he will do next. I’ll be waiting to see.

And, for those looking for some (hilariously presented) information about the recent Canadian election I highly recommend the following clip from John Oliver..

  • Kali

2 thoughts on “The Prime Minister with ‘Nice Hair’

    • Yeah. You’re right (although Trump has really bad hair 😛 ).

      I guess at this point Trudeau still needs to prove himself though. He’s made a lot of promises and he has proven his hair holds up. Now we just have to wait and see if the rest of it holds up.

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