Budapest Adventures

This is a little behind the times now, but a few weekends back I was in Budapest, Hungary. Right now I’m in Den Haag, Holland but I’ll tell you all about that later. For now, Budapest.

I was staying with my friend Michelle on the Pest side of Budapest. I had no idea it was basically two different cities. Both gorgeous though.


The first day we did a couple of museum – notably the Museum of Applied Arts and the Holocaust Memorial Centre (yes, I am a very fun person).

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos at the Holocaust Memorial Centre – this seems to be a trend in Europe – except in the synagogue at the very end. The Memorial was well done though, but it did look like it needed a bit of upkeep.

We also spent a great deal of time in cafés. I think Michelle made it her weekend goal to fill me with as much cake as possible. Which was definitely fine by me.

But I didn’t just eat cake – I also drank a lot of lemonade. Did you know that Budapest is known for its lemonades? I didn’t. They definitely deserve it though!

We also went to the Terror House. Because, as I said before, I am a really fun person. It was super interesting though. Unfortunately it was yet another one of those places where photos were not allowed. It basically traced the back to back occupations of Hungary in the 20th Century – first the Nazi’s under the Arrow Cross party and then the communists powered by the USSR. It definitely put a lot more emphasis on the communists though. It was fine for me since I got most of the Nazi history at the Holocaust Memorial anyway. The museum was pretty thorough though and I learned a lot. I had no idea that both groups used the same headquarters (60 Andrássy) and it was that building they had turned into the museum. You even went to the basement to see old prison/torture cells!


Hero Square

After all the fun at the Terror House (kidding) we headed to the park. On the way there we checked out Hero Square as seen above. As a side note, the weather was beautiful!

We went and checked out the Basilica too. The choir there was practicing for a performance. They were really quite talented.


The view from the top of the Basilica

I definitely managed to pack a lot into a small timeframe for a trip. I was only there for two days! I even managed to stumble upon the office of the President!


We didn’t spend as much time on the Buda side, but we did get over there for an afternoon and I took a look around and snapped some photos. Being me, they were mostly of Matthias Church.



There were also an awful lot of museums to see over there, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to get into any of them because they were all closed. That’s okay though – better for my wallet anyhow.

We also went to dinner with some of my law friends. We went to this great place called Spinoza in the Jewish Quarter. I had the Cholent. I had never had it before, but I had heard of it so I decided to try it. Why not? It was yummy so it obviously paid off. I had not realized how loud Canadians can get though! Especially once they got some pálinka in them!


I think my favourite picture I took there is this one of the Hungarian parliament buildings though. I will admit to giving it a bit of editing!


Overall I had a wonderful time in Budapest. There are still a whole lot of things I did not have a chance to see that I wish I had. Oh well though. Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to get back there one of these days!

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The Budapest Skyline at Sunset