The rest of the Castle went well, a blur of studying and having fun with friends new and old. But things actually get exciting again at the end of the program. Because it is so expensive and time consuming to get to Europe (and because it seemed unlikely that I would be able to find anyone to give me a job in Kingston for what was left of the summer after the Castle) it seemed worth my while to spend some time traveling after the program was done.

I ended up traveling with some of my friends/classmates for the first bit and then did my own thing. The first place we went was a group of 4 of us and it was off to Copenhagen!


Copenhagen is a place I’ve always wanted to see. The largest part of my background is actually Danish (I’m essentially a huge Euro-mutt like a lot of Canadians) so I’ve wanted to go to Denmark for a long time.

Because I ended up joining the rest of them after they had already booked I ended up flying separately. Luckily for me one of the other people who traveled with us also joined in later so we were able to split accommodations. In Copenhagen, this was an AirBnB.

Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the place, but I can tell you that it was 8 floors up in a tiny little building with no elevator – fun with my suitcase for sure! The place itself was actually really cute. I slept on the couch and made the other person sleep up in the loft. The best part was the bathroom. It was literally the size of a closet. There was not enough room for a sink and when you opened the door you saw the toilet and on the wall above the toilet was a shower head. Yup. No separation.

I thought it was funny. I wouldn’t have wanted to be there long term (although having the toilet to prop your leg on would make shaving easy), but we were only there for a couple of days. 13567313_10157047419505125_5624583368100187707_nOn the first day we were there we had to take a trek out to the Little Mermaid statue. It’s one of those things you just have to do while you’re in Copenhagen. Of course that meant the vicinity was flooded with tourists making it difficult to get a good picture, but I think this one turned out okay.


Changing of the Guard at Amalienborg

Another thing that has to be said is that there are palaces in Copenhagen.  I actually had not realized they were one of the places that still had a working monarchy so that was kind of neat.

We also randomly came across the changing of the guard at Amalienborg. We had been trying to find the palace, but were surprised by the giant crowds when we got there. And then we realized they were all waiting for something and figured it must be about time for the changing of the guard. It honestly was not quite as interesting as I expected (although I’m not quite sure what I expected it to be), but it’s one of those things I’m glad to have had the experience of seeing.

We also spent a great deal of our time in Copenhagen trying our best to avoid the rain. One of the guys with us brought no rain gear whatsoever so that was a real adventure.  For the most part we were actually able to time it quite well. At one point I did end up paying the equivalent of $6 CAD for a tea though. And it wasn’t even good tea.

Our AirBnB was not a far walk from the neighbourhood of Nyhavn and the other duo had their hotel only a couple of blocks away from the famous coloured houses on the canals. So, naturally we spent some time just hanging around there.



Honestly, just walking around Nyhavn was really cool. Not to mention, I had been obsessed with going on a canal tour since Amsterdam, but had never had a chance. I was not letting another chance for a canal tour pass me by.

The second day in Copenhagen our main stop was the famous Tivoli Gardens. I had never heard about it before (and boy was it nice to just sit back and let someone else do the trip planning for a change) so didn’t know what to expect. The day itself was nice off and on. There was even a thunderstorm when we first got there! Thankfully it didn’t last long.

I was surprised to find that Tivoli gardens was more an amusement park than anything, but it was really cool just to walk around. At one point we almost lost one of our friends – it happened a few times, he has a bit of a habit of wandering off without telling anyone. Fortunately we did find him again.

And that evening was when I finally got to do my canal tour!


The view from the boat!

Overall, Copenhagen was a really cool experience. I would probably go back if the option was given although I would give priority to new places that I have not been before. We managed to cram a whole lot of things into a very short window of only 2 days. The others had a bit longer than I did because they all took the same flight to Berlin. I however, being economical, took a bus to Berlin. Yes, that’s right. A bus. I left at around 8:30 in the morning and arrived in Berlin around 4pm-ish. And, of course, that meant I got to take a ferry too. But that is a story for my next post.

Also, if you’re ever trying to figure out the name of a Danish king guess Frederik or Christian. They’re basically all named Frederik or Christian. It’s a good guess.

Until next time.

  • Kali



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