A Hidden Gem

Sofia is the only place I was ripped off during my travels. I thought I had done enough research but still ended up way over paying for my cab from the airport to my hotel. Considering the gentleman driving my cab spoke little to no English and I spoke no Bulgarian and he was much larger than me and had me in his car I paid him because I would rather be safe than sorry. Regardless, Sofia was beautiful.


Opera House!

Sofia had not been on my original lists of must sees, it had only been a cheap plane out of Tel Aviv. However, I am so glad I went. Central/Eastern Europe has a different feel than any of the other places I had been. And my little Religious Studies student heart was all a flutter seeing all of the neat Orthodox churches.

It was also nice to be alone for a bit. Israel had been great and it was super cool to meet my friend in person for the first time, but it was also nice to have some time to myself before I headed back to England where I would be meeting up with yet more friends that I had never met in person. Also, I had decided to treat myself with my hotel room and it was so great and still only a little more expensive than some of my earlier nights.

Sofia was super low key for me. I went on a walking tour the first day of which I saw highlights such as parliament, the hot mineral springs, and the changing of the guard! We also got to see the Tolerance Square where there is an Orthodox Church, Catholic Cathedral, Islamic Mosque, and Jewish Synagogue all within a few minutes of each other. a true lesson in getting along.

My final day in Sofia I actually went on Europe’s first free food tour. And I even made a friend! A fellow traveller with whom I also went to dinner. It was a lot of fun!

Dinner was chaos. We found this random place outside the centre of the city billed as a ‘traditional restaurant’. It was massive. And deserted. Despite our misgivings though it was so much fun and the food was A-MAZE-ING. And we got a performance of singing and dancing as well!

Long story, short. Sofia was great and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to travel somewhere a little bit different, but still somewhat familiar.




They tie these to the trees in the spring!