Submitted for the Approval…

of the Midnight Society, I call this story, The Tale of the Nostalgic Blog Post

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Midnight Society it seems obvious that you must fit into one of two categories. Category A: you were not a child of the 90s. Or Category B: you couldn’t stand the horror. The Midnight Society comes from a television show from the 90s called Are You Afraid of the Dark?

AYAotDThe basis of the show was that it was a group of kids who met in the woods and told each other spooky stories. They called themselves the Midnight Society and because of this framing device it meant the show could tell a different story every week.

I’ve always been into horror and I have no idea what started it all but it could very well have been this show. I’ve actually been rewatching it lately and because of that I decided to make this post to mention the top things I remember from Are You Afraid of the Dark? I’ve noticed that they mostly seem to come from the first couple of seasons and the only reason I can think of it that maybe those were the ones that were repeated on television most. These memories can be a whole episode or just an image or phrase, but here they are in order of the episodes.

1. The Tale of the Phantom Cab

Tale of the Phantom CabThis is actually the first episode of the very first season. The story is told by Frank as his test to see if he deserves to be a member of the Midnight Society. He tells the story of Denny & Buzz, two brothers who get lost in the woods. They meet a man named Flynn who takes them to the house of ‘the good doctor’ who likes himself a good riddle. There are exactly three things I remembered from this episode:


Dr. Vink

Dr. Vink

This is the aforementioned ‘good doctor’ – he goes by the name of Dr. Vink (that’s Vink with a va-va-va as he’s fond of telling us). He’s actually a recurring character in Frank’s stories.

b. The answer to the riddle¬†“What is lighter than air, can be seen by the naked eye, and if put in a barrel, will make the barrel lighter?” – a hole.


"I sorta Died!"

“I sorta Died!”

This is Flynn. He’s the driver of the titular phantom cab and it turns out he’s dead, and Denny and Buzz are going to die too if they don’t figure out the riddle.

2. The Tale of Laughing in the Dark.

Laughing in the DarkThis is the second episode and there is exactly one thing I remember from this episode – and it is an image.

It's the most fun in the park, when you're laughing in the dark

It’s the most fun in the park, when you’re laughing in the dark

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Zeebo. He’s the clown who haunts the Laughing in the Dark funhouse.

3. The Tale of the Lonely Ghost

Lonely GhostThe third episode of the series and again it’s a single image that I remember – and it’s this one.

Mirror GhostWhy yes, that is a little ghost girl in a mirror.

4. The Tale of the Super Specs

Super Specs

We finally skip a few episodes as this is episode 6 of season 1. Once again it is only a single image that I remember from this episode. Upon rewatching I was very disappointed that I didn’t remember Sardo (No mister, accent on the do), but you don’t choose what you remember. Speaking of what I remember, it’s this:


It would be the creepy black robed things playing basketball, wouldn’t it?

5. The Tale of the Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

This is a rare one where I actually remembered quite a bit. It’s the last episode (episode 13) of the first season and tells the tale of a boy who really likes to play pinball games. He ends up playing this game that he was told not to play and then he gets stuck in the mall. However, the mall turns into a game where he has to save the princess (just like in the pinball game he had been playing) and he ends up trapped in the game FOREVER.

I have no idea why this one stuck with me so much, but I always remembered it quite clearly.

6. The Tale of the Final Wish

final wish

This is the first episode of the second season and it tells the story of a girl who likes fairy tales and everyone around her mocks her for it. She makes a wish on a book about the Sandman and finds herself trapped in the Land of Nod with the Sandman where her whole family is sleeping. Mostly I remember this epsisode because of this guy

That's the Sandman boys and girls

That’s the Sandman boys and girls

I also remember it because she has to break his giant hourglass full of sand in order to escape and I remember the scene where she comes upon her whole family sleeping.

7. The Tale of Locker 22

locker 22

This is Season 2, episode 3 and this one has hippies. It tells the story of a new girl in school and she gets assigned to locker 22 which is in a practically abandoned part of the school and looks old and damaged. Inside her locker she finds a beaded necklace and when she puts it on she travels back in time and everyone in the past calls her Candy Warren. Turns out Candy died in a chemistry accident and the new girl goes back in time to that day causing her new friend to have to travel in time to save her/Candy.

8. The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor

13th floor

This is season 2, episode 4 and I didn’t remember the plot of this one at all except that a sister and brother go to this factory. I definitely remembered the color scheme because the factory looked like this

Look at those colors!

Look at those colors!

I remember the two kids escaping, but I had completely forgotten the twist at the end (spoiler alert – the girl is an alien and the weirdos were her parents).

9. The Tale of the Curious Camera

curious camera

This is season 3, episode 9 and I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I remember the Goosebumps episode with a very similar story or if I’m remembering the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode. Nevertheless I’m including it here. Basically the story goes that a boy finds a camera that brings misfortune to anyone it takes a picture of.

10. The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float

dead man's float

We’re really skipping ahead with this one way up to Season 5, episode 1. Yet again it is only an image that I remember from this one. I imagine most people who watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? will remember this one and so I’m just going to let it speak for itself.


And frankly, that opening is still creepy.

I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed.

– Kali