Sassy Answers to Future Questions

When you’re a kid the question of what you want to be when you grow up is fun and relatively simple for most of us. Generally you answer with a big grin and some far fetched idea. For me it was an actress – until I was 13 and then I was going to be a lawyer.

But it feels like the older you get, the more frustrating that question gets, the more pressure there seems to be to have a legitimate and thoughtful answer.


There were times during my undergraduate degree when I waffled on the whole law school idea – though I always came back to it in the end – and times where even if I really wanted law school I just was not convinced I had a chance at being smart enough to get in. And it was around this time that the questions started cropping up again. “So, what do you want to do next?” “What are you going to do with that [a double major in political science and religious studies]?”

And I, like most of my classmates, both hated and dreaded that question in equal measure. Because the truth of the matter was that we weren’t 100% sure what was coming next, and even if we were sure what we wanted to come next that did not mean we would get it. And so my answers, as they tend to do when I’m feeling pressured, got sassy. “Oh, I’m going to solve the problems in the Middle East” I would say, or, “I’m going to save the world. Obviously.”

The same thing has happened now that I’m in law school. Except now the question isn’t asking what I’m going to do with my degree, but what kind of law I want to practice. And my answer isn’t as sassy (yet), but currently it’s something along the lines of “I’m not sure, but based on my classes for next year – the kind that won’t make any money”.

And yes, this is a long winded way of saying what my classes are for next year. So, here they are:

Fall Semester

  1. Family Law
  2. Mental Health Law
  3. Business Associations
  4. Clinical Litigation Practice (which is basically my working in the legal aid clinic)

Winter Semester

  1. Civil Procedure
  2. Administrative Law
  3. Immigration and Refugee Law
  4. Feminist Legal Studies Workshop
  5. Clinical Litigation Practice

So yeah, I wasn’t exactly kidding when I said the kinds of law that aren’t the big money makers, but I’m so excited and really there is more to life than money.

  • Kali

Get Oriented!

Wow. So I’m officially a law student now. That’s really weird to say and write. I imagine I’ll get used to it in time, but for now it’s still new and exciting.


Our orientation started last Tuesday and even though it’s only been a few days it feels like we’ve done so much already.┬áThe first thing we had to do was go down to the law school (which I have heard referred to as Macdonald Hall, Sir John A, and J-Mac) and verify our enrolment, sign photo release forms, and pick up some swag provided to us by law firms and our orientation tee shirts. My team has a yellow shirt and is Team Avengers.

After that we mingled, picked up our new student cards (mine is horrendous and UVic’s were nicer), and had a bit of a break before meeting our fellow group members and heading out for trivia night.

Graffiti Party

Graffiti Party

Most of the last couple of days have been late nights – there was a graffiti party, a movie night (where my team watched, what else, The Avengers, and a costume party night – where I was a very last minute thrown together Black Widow).

Costume Party

Costume Party

Today is a day off for us which has been nice. My roommate – who I shall call the Musician – and I were picked up by some of her family friends here in Kingston and they took us thrift store shopping. Our best purchase by far is a gorgeous coffee table that we only paid $25 for. After that I took my suit to a tailor and did some grocery shopping. Tomorrow afternoon we have a team potluck before heading out for bowling so I’ll be making cookies.

And I just finished doing my first official law school readings – for Public Law. I think that made it feel more real than anything else has. And, as a treat for myself for finishing my first readings, I pre-ordered my copy of the Welcome to Night Vale novel. Honestly, it’s been a whirlwind of meeting new people, social activities, and the reality that law school is here. I even bought myself a Queen’s law hat. The longer I’m here, the more convinced I am that I made the right decision.

My kind of party :P

My kind of party ­čśŤ

  • Kali




Once again I accomplished the NaNoWriMo challenge. I crossed the 50K mark on the 21st and finished the actual story on Monday. It was the sequel to last years NaNo and it was a lot of fun to write despite the torture and death of several characters. Admittedly all the death was off-screen so to speak.

I also started a new novel on Monday because this year I AM GOING TO WRITE POST NANO.

I know, I know – I say that every year, but this year it’s true. I know that to be the case because several other Victoria NaNo-ers/NaNites/WriMos have all decided to set a goal of 500 words a day. It’s not as challenging as the NaNo goal of 1667 words a day which makes ir completely do-able for the long haul. I can write out 500 words in 15 minutes if I’m really on a roll, but it usually taken me more like 30-45 minutes to do so. Putting half an hour aside a day for writing is easy.

In other news the semester is almost over which is great in some ways and sad in others. Monday is that last day of classes though my exams are not over until the 20th. My political theory exam is worth 50% of my mark and that one is absolutely terrifying because it could really make or break my mark. At this point I don’t even care if my grade for that class is particularly good (a first for me), I just want to pass so I never have to take another political theory class again.

I’m definitely going to miss my Arabic class though. Even when I’m sick and tired and do my homework last-minute it brightens up my day. And Nooshi is quite possibly the sweetest teacher I have ever had. I’m thinking about taking part two in the new year, but at the same time I’m also considering taking some time away from it and just trying to make sure I have everything we’ve learned in this class down pat. On the other hand though I worry that I will have great intention to study my Arabic and then just not do it which I do admit to having a tendency to doing. It’s a decision I can make in the new year though since the class doesn’t start until the end of January.

Well, let’s just get through this last essay (for political theory – yuck) and exams and see where the holidays take me.

– Kali

Kali, Callie, Kalista, Calina, Kaliana…

Yeah, that’s right, it’s about my name again. I still like Kali, but it just doesn’t seem to pass the ballerina/Supreme Court Justice test.

What is the ballerina/Supreme Court Justice test you ask? (Actually, I bet you didn’t, but I’m going to explain it anyway).

The ballerina/Supreme Court Justice test is something I see on a lot of naming forums when looking for character names. Basically it’s a test to make sure that the name you are choosing would be suitable to any walk of life the person with that name might choose. So, he question is whether the name is nice enough for a ballerina, but serious enough for a Supreme Court Justice. I’ve seen many variations of this test, but my personal favorite is the princess/president version.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking that I don’t think Kali is quite formal enough to pass the test. I would still definitely go by it (that’s what nicknames are for), but I feel like I need something longer for when I actually legally change my name. So, I’ve been looking into alternatives. I’m not particularly attached to the spelling of Kali – I’d be fine with Kallie, Kally, Callie, Cali, and Cally too. That makes it both easier (more names to choose from), and harder (… more names to choose from).

At the moment the ones in competition are: (with [name] (nickname))

Kalista (Kali)

Calina (Cali)

Kaliana (Kali)

Calliope (Callie)

Kalliope (Kallie)

Kaliyah (Kali)

Out of those I think I probably like Kalista, Calina, Calliope/Kalliope, and Kaliyah best, but I’m just not sure.

As much as I like that I have the ability to choose my own name it is fairly difficult. Although, I suppose it’s kind of like naming a character – difficult, but worthwhile in the end.

– Kali/Cali/Kallie/Callie



All My Spare Time

With all this spare time I have I have decided to take up beginner Arabic. I’m taking it through Continuing Studies though so we don’t have tests and it doesn’t affect my GPA which is nice.

I had my first class last night and it was really cool even though I was the youngest person in the room so I was a bit nervous at first. Our teacher Nooshi is super welcoming though so I got over my nerves pretty fast.

I’ve got to get back to writing my short assignment for my European Politics class, but I figured I’d give y’all an update.

– Kali

Registration Trials

Well, registration is now complete for me. I did run into a little snag when doing so though. The sociology class I wanted to take (Sociology 310: Religion in Society) had prerequisites that it did not warn me about on the UVic website.Unfortunately I do not have time to take the prerequisites so it means I can’t take the class. It’s too bad too because I really wanted to take it. It sounded really interesting and Dr. W (who taught the inter-religious history class I took last semester) was teaching it and I was looking forward to having him as a prof again.

I did manage to find another class to take though. It’s an Art History class in Byzantine Art. It sounds like it should actually be pretty cool and according to Rate My Prof┬áthe prof is pretty awesome too. Also, it will be my first class in the Hickman Building. I’ve only been in there a couple of times – once for an exam prep session and once just this last semester for a talk that was going on about the Arab Spring.

Even if it’s not exactly what I had planned on I’m still looking forward to next year. It looks like they’ve switched around a few things though. First semester reading break is a Monday-Wednesday instead of a Wednesday-Friday. I’m not particularly fond of that, I preferred it the other way around even though it’s not a difference in days or anything. Also, second semester seems to start on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday which is just strange. I had finally gotten used to it starting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday like all my other schooling until that point and now they’re changing it. Not cool.

In other news though, I caught up in my Camp NaNoWriMo word count. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I’m even 1000 words ahead. The plan is to finish on Thursday. I still love my characters, but I’m getting tired of this story. It will be good to have the month off in between too. I already have the basics of an idea for my August NaNo too. Hopefully August will be better.

Now I just have to wait for textbook lists to be up on August 1st!

– Kali

The Name Game


I’m Kali the Kangaroo.


That’s not the name game I’m talking about (which is really too bad since I used to be really good at that game at camp). I’ve been thinking about names lately. How names reflect who we are, and can say something about who we want to be. Kali is not the name on my birth certificate and has only been my name since I was 15. It’s been about 5 years since I changed it and while I would never go back to my legal name (which I’m not going to state since I despise it) I’m finding Kali somewhat lacking in describing me as I want to be known.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Kali, but it just isn’t sitting right with me nowadays. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, ┬ábut considering it took me three years to convince my mom to call me by it because she thought the name change was just a phase it’s not something I can just change on a whim. Not unless I want to be accused of it being a phase again anyway.

When I changed my name the first time I didn’t really think it through to be honest. The reasons behind it were thought out (I hated and had always hated my legal name), but the new name wasn’t thought out at all. In fact I asked my friends for suggestions and then let them vote on my three favorites (Kali, Mackenzie, and Ariana). Kali was my favorite of those three so I eventually just made an executive decision, but I realize now I shouldn’t have been so hasty. I made the decision to change it one day and 24 hours later I was going by Kali. I put more thought than that into naming my characters.

I’ve had issues with it in the past of course – do I really want to share a name with a goddess of destruction (even if I am a Slytherin)? Kali also doesn’t sound that professional, and considering my ideal goal is to be a lawyer my name should probably be a bit more professional. Also, I just don’t feel like Kali suits me – did it when I was in high school? Maybe, but I’m not sure. All I’m really sure about is that I like it a whole lot more than my legal name.

My name is not legally changed, but I do want to change it one day. Do I really want to change it to something I’m not entirely happy with? No, not really. At the same time though I’m not sure what else I would go by – and changing it again would probably vindicate my mother. I guess I could start small – figure out a new name first, maybe use it in some of my classes next year, and I probably shouldn’t force everyone around me to use it this time. I don’t mind Kali after all – so if my ┬áfamily and current friends continued using it, it wouldn’t be a huge deal.

Or I could just stick with Kali. It may not be perfect, but I’ve put years into that name and I don’t want to be seen as wishy-washy. No matter what I decide, it’s still Kali right now. What’s in a name? As someone who has changed her name once I say that a lot is wrapped up in a name. It’s true that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, just as I am the same person whether my name is Kali or something entirely different.

– Kali

Also, I’m going to the Hunger Games on Saturday!