End of Summer Update

Yesterday was my birthday. I got to work a shift where I cleaned bathrooms and took out all the garbage. Yeah, it was not the best birthday in recent memory (I did get two things of tea though!). However, with school just around the corner it’s hard to kill my mood.

Rachel’s not in town at the moment, but she should be back within a day or two tops. In the meantime life goes on.

We went out for a drive the other day and got hit by a deer. Rachel stopped her car, the deer just kept going. Fortunately other than being a little shaken it was pretty okay. Her car suffered a few tiny dents in the hood and a few cracks in the windshield on the passenger side where I was sitting. It could have been a whole lot worse, especially considering she has a convertible and the top was down.

I also received my notification about student loans the other day. They won’t come through until next week, but I’m getting a lot more than I expected. I’m planning on saving some of it and maybe even having my uncle invest some of it for me. Yeah, because apparently I’m cool like that.

We’re also setting up for Halloween at work which is just bizarre. Although, at David’s Tea we were told that they’re going to have Halloween themed teas which is kind of amazing.

Expect many posts next week about school, and, as soon as we get the museum pictures off Rachel’s phone a photo post about that. I promise it will happen eventually.

– Kali

PS: I’m still waiting to hear on my application to be a Municipal Liaison for NaNo. I’ll keep you updated.